Monday, August 19, 2013

Back To School Haul + NOTD!!

I am SO sorry for my lack of posting here on Blogger everyone!! One of my best friends from back home came to visit me for the past five days so I've been busy having fun outside of the internet (yay for real life interactions!)! 
That being said I posted a new video on YouTube a few days back so, if you want to shop vicariously through me for a little while, it's available for you to watch through the embedded video above.

And if anyone is interested about my nails in that video, here's a couple pictures to show you the design (I clearly had too much time on my hands last week...):

Ahhhh another glorious Pinterest manicure come to life; I was extremely pleased with this design and the beadwork bling, I cried a little (mostly on the inside) when it started chipping and I had to marinate my phalanges in nail polish remover. I guess that's what photos are good for though, right? Beautiful memories from before the pain and anguish of parting through acetone!

Anyways, look forward to regular blogging starting tomorrow... I'm glad to be back :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. haha that's me too.. "yay for real life friends"
    oh my gooossshhhh your nails are super pretty! i would do designs like's just that i always manage to smudge or nick my nails while they're drying.... ALWAYS T___T

    1. Thanks Theresa!! Hhaaha I'm glad we share the same sentiments ;) And noooo you just have to not move while they're drying! Not even a centimeter! Then you'll have perfect nails always lol <3


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