Monday, June 29, 2015

Empties #14!

Just trying to keep good on my word here and update the ol'blog; a new video just went live over on my YouTube channel! It's extra long (read: grab a snack and beverage of your choice) but hopefully you all enjoy it anyways. "Empties" videos were something I never thought I'd get into but honestly they're some of my favorites now!! 

Happy Monday friends :)

xoxo - Cassie

benefit "Roller Lash" Mascara: Swatches + Review!

Ah~ back to blogging... it's always a little bittersweet; especially when you're using photos that you've had stockpiled in your iPhoto library for the past 1+ years. 
Thankfully the product isn't too too oldin fact I did a "YouTube Made Me Buy It!" video for it back in Marchand, more importantly, this mascara is just overall fantastic so I'll probably be talking about (and wearing, once I get through the 8,000 other tubes of mascara I have waiting in my vanity drawer to be tested/used) it for a long time to come! Oops, did I just ruin any and all anticipation I could have built up in the coming paragraphs of this post?

I told you: I'm a bit rusty at this whole blogging thing. I'll get the hang of it again in due time but, until then, just suppress the spoiled suspense and relish in the beauty that is benefit's "Roller Lash".

Upon initial impressions of this mascara I was a bit trepidatious; the curved wand had me all sorts of giddy because of my love for the wand of CoverGirl's "Clump Crusher" Mascara but, and this is a 'but' as big as my own behind, I was still traumatized (pardon my dramatics) by my previous poor experience with benefit's oh-so-popular "they're Real!" mascara
Was the "Roller Lash" going to be a repeat of its predecessor? Or was the "Hook'n'Roll" wand going to make all the difference like it did with CoverGirl's otherwise mediocre mascara formula?

Welp, I'm happy to say that this wand really does make all of the difference; this thing is downright splendid

The curve of the wand, along with all curved mascara wands, is so helpful in hugging the contour of an eyelidI'm actually pretty surprised more companies haven't ditched straight wands and adopted this same shape. Because it's able to get right down to the base of your lashes, it's then able to effortlessly coat each lash with an even amount of mascara. With the addition of tiny comb-like bristles on one side of the wand... well, benefit's Roller Lash is pretty unstoppable. 
It separates, lifts, and lengthens the lashes like nobody's business and makes your lashes look like falsies with just two coats.

I mean, look at my lashes...

Oh man I'm tearing up at these beautiful memories which, even if I was wearing this mascara at the moment (I'm not; it ran out awhile ago), would be absolutely a-okay! 
It's not a waterproof mascara so I'd say you have to avoid weeping with it on but if you shed the occasional twinkling maiden tear it shouldn't smudge or run. I've mentioned before than I have extremely watery eyes/my tear ducts are too small for my eyeballs/not even multiple surgeries have helped my eyes from constantly spilling over with tears, so I feel pretty confident in saying that if I didn't have problems with this mascara smudging or running then you won't either. Don't throw rocks at me if I'm wrong but I don't think you'll be disappointed with benefit's "Roller Lash".

If you want to hear me gush about this mascara more then feel free to watch the "Best & Worst of Beauty" video that it was featured in around the 13:03 mark!

Have you tried benefit's "Roller Lash" mascara?
Love it? Hate it?
What's your current favorite mascara?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie

Sunday, June 28, 2015

*tap tap tap* ...Is This Thing On?

So I know I said I was going to try to keep up with my blog now that I've graduated...
...but then I was working a stupid amount at my retail job;
...and then my internet modem broke for a week;
...and then I had to pack up my apartment;
...and then I moved back across the country to my homeland of Minnesota;
...and then I had to unpack;
...and then here we are, a month has passed, and I haven't updated my blog.


Hopefully, if you're at all interested in my product reviews, you've subscribed to me over on my YouTube channel so it's been hardly noticeable that I've been gone/busy but, if not, here are the videos that I've uploaded since last updating you all at the end of May! Product reviews/first impressions, a "Get Ready With Me", and a "Best & Worst of Beauty" for your viewing pleasure; if you missed any of them I hope you enjoy!
And of course I just hope you all have had a lovely summer so far (despite the mind-numbing heat). I've got loads more videos for you all in the near future and am also cracking my knuckles in preparation of writing lots of new blog posts. Time will tell if I can stick to it here on my blog but my fingers, as always, are crossed!

xoxo - Cassie
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