Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NOTD: deborah lippmann "GOOD GIRL GONE BAD"

I think every nail polish enthusiast can nod their head in (vigorous) agreement that we often times fall into 'ruts' with our nails. Sometimes it's a recurring color or topcoat, sometimes it's nothing but workplace-appropriate nude, and sometimes you just feel like every color you attempt to put on your nails just doesn't look right. As a girl who feels about as naked without polish on her nails as she would going out in public without a bra on, the 'closet full of clothes but nothing to wear' (in this case it's 'racks full of polish') feeling is tremendous; heck, it's borderline torture.

Well in walks in deborah lippann's "GOOD GIRL GONE BAD". Out walks my heart. Me-ow.

One of my lovely viewers on YouTube passed this polish on to me (along with 10 pounds of Canadian snacks, sweets, and other makeup goodiesI wish words could express my gratitude for the thought, care, kindness, and selflessness in that box but, alas, 'thank you' is all we have at the moment) through my P. O. Box and I'd be lying if I said I didn't squeal like a schoolgirl when I saw this polish. I've always coveted deborah lippmann polishes and admired their beauty from afar; that weighty glass cube bottle, the gorgeous assortments of shimmer and glitter… and a pretty-penny price tag to go along with it. 

I've heard that the cremes deborah lippmann makes are all sorts of amazing but, truth be told, I only care about her glitter concoctions. Cremes are a dime a dozen at the drugstore (not to mention I truly do love polishes from Revlon and O.P.I.) so spending absurd amounts of money on one is too ridiculous, even for a polish addict like me. However, when glitter and obvious shimmer are involved… well, call me Pavlov's dog in a Christmas store (you know, because of all of the bells? On the ornaments and stuff? Alright, I'll just go laugh at my own joke in the corner).

I don't normally include this many shots of my nails in a "NOTD" post but darn it this polish warrants and deserves the few extra glamour shots. "Good Girl Gone Bad" is just one of those polishes that looks a bit different from every angle, shifting in the light or lack thereof, and shimmers up the wazzoo. It's not 90's glitter though (don't get me wrong, there's always a time and place for that too), it's much more of a refined and elegant shimmer; not so in-your-face that you're left stunned and blinded but noticeable enough to gain all of the giddy ooo's & ahhh's that reside in our never-too-old-for-Lip-Smackers hearts.
And these kinds of black plum colors? Don't get me started; they go with anything and, because of the mass amount of prominent silver and raspberry shimmer, can be worn all year round without fear of looking out of place.

How do you feel about deborah lippmann polishes (glitters, creams, & whatever else she makes)?
Are they worth the high price tag to you?
What have you been loving on your nails lately?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie

Two More Videos For You... & That's No Joke!!

April Fools' Day has never really been my schtick but hey! if you enjoy it (and celebrate in a non-hurtful manner; jokes can go too far and people do have emotions after all) then I hope it's a happy one for you and your poor tormented loved ones. 
For everyone else who's probably just yawning though another perfectly mundane Wednesday: here are a couple of new videos for you!! Well, one of them is new... the other is only a couple of days old though so I'm just letting that slide. If you haven't seen them and are interested in a lipstick review and/or monthly favorites video then I hope you enjoy! The week is halfway through so hang in there, especially if you're enduring jokes all day. If anything just give the person a wet-willy and call it even; I promise you'll feel much better haha.

xoxo - Cassie
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