Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two More Videos For You... & That's No Joke!!

April Fools' Day has never really been my schtick but hey! if you enjoy it (and celebrate in a non-hurtful manner; jokes can go too far and people do have emotions after all) then I hope it's a happy one for you and your poor tormented loved ones. 
For everyone else who's probably just yawning though another perfectly mundane Wednesday: here are a couple of new videos for you!! Well, one of them is new... the other is only a couple of days old though so I'm just letting that slide. If you haven't seen them and are interested in a lipstick review and/or monthly favorites video then I hope you enjoy! The week is halfway through so hang in there, especially if you're enduring jokes all day. If anything just give the person a wet-willy and call it even; I promise you'll feel much better haha.

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I've been looking for a new glowy blush and I may just have to get the Too Faced one you mentioned in your Best and Worst of Beauty. Or, is there a Tarte blush you'd recommend more??

    As always, great videos!


    Today's Beauty Obsession

    1. How strange... I don't know that my reply went through to you? Either way, thank you Meghan!! I absolutely recommend the Too Faced blush if you're looking for a super natural and glowy look. Tarte's "glisten" is also fantastic but is more about the pigment of the blush with a sheen on top (rather than a glow) if that makes sense. Hope that helps!! :)

    2. My mom just gave me her Glisten blush! It wasn't her jam so I got it as a hand me down. Score!

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