Saturday, May 30, 2015

NYX Matte Lipsticks: First Impression + Review!

Welp, this is exactly why I never make promises in regards to posting more/again here on blogger. Because even though I really want to, something always seems to come up that impedes on my ability to do so. 
Case in point: last Thursday, after hosting a particularly long Google Hangout (it was four hours and fabulous), I noticed my throat was feeling a little sore but chalked that up to having spent a large portion of my day chatting with you all; no big deal; I'd feel fine in the morning. WRONG. Turns out that was the beginning of this nearly 2 week stint of a respiratory & sinus infection combination (with a heaping helping of laryngitis on top) only able to be concocted by Satan himself.

Thankfully I had filmed a whole cornucopia full of videos last month before my thesis show in order to compensate for a lack of time to film this month; while this video was filmed over a month ago (you can see the date on my phone during one of my check-ins) it's still a perfectly good and fine review on a product that has been on the market for quite some time now. So, if you haven't had the chance to watch this video of mine yet, feel free to check it out either through the embedded video on this page or over on my YouTube channel! As always I hope you enjoy it!!

xoxo - Cassie

P.S. - Big thanks to Bree who sent these lipsticks to my P.O. Box to test out... it was so kind of you to send that package to me and your generosity is beyond heartfelt!
P.P.S. - My apologies in advance if any (or all) of this post is unintelligible. The constant fever that I've been dealing with has fried my brain to the point where I'm having to look up definitions of words like "concocted" to make sure I'm using them correctly... orz

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekly Outfits #47

How good am Itwo blog posts in less than 24 hours?? 
Can we ignore the fact that I'm just dumping yet another video in your lap and focus more on the fact that I'm keeping my word to start blogging again? It's the small victories you guys... the very small victories 

If you haven't seen my most recent OOTW video then feel free to watch through the embedded video above (or just hop on over to my YouTube channel and watch it there); as always I hope you enjoy it and that you're all doing well!

xoxo - Cassie

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Biggest Dump I'll Ever Take On This Blog (... I Hope)

I suppose that's what happens when you don't blog for over a month and a half (47 days to be exact). 
On the bright side, that means that if you haven't been keeping up with my videos then you've got a whole heck of a lot you can binge watch right now! At least I know I like a good channel/series binge from time to timeoh who am I kidding, I always love to do that. Viva la addictive personality and forever weeping due to self-induced sleep deprivation!! 

With my graduate degree (yes, I got my MFA this past weekend!) under my belt I'm hoping to finally get back into the swing of blogging. Granted, I can't make any promises because I know I rarely keep them when it comes to my hobbies but, knowing me, I'll be craving something to keep myself busy during these not-yet-big-girl-job-employed times. Considering the mass amounts of albums on backlog in my iPhoto I've got a feeling I'll be reviewing products via typing and photography very soon!

I hope you all are well and congratulations to any other 2015 graduates out there! We did it!!

xoxo - Cassie
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