Monday, May 18, 2015

The Biggest Dump I'll Ever Take On This Blog (... I Hope)

I suppose that's what happens when you don't blog for over a month and a half (47 days to be exact). 
On the bright side, that means that if you haven't been keeping up with my videos then you've got a whole heck of a lot you can binge watch right now! At least I know I like a good channel/series binge from time to timeoh who am I kidding, I always love to do that. Viva la addictive personality and forever weeping due to self-induced sleep deprivation!! 

With my graduate degree (yes, I got my MFA this past weekend!) under my belt I'm hoping to finally get back into the swing of blogging. Granted, I can't make any promises because I know I rarely keep them when it comes to my hobbies but, knowing me, I'll be craving something to keep myself busy during these not-yet-big-girl-job-employed times. Considering the mass amounts of albums on backlog in my iPhoto I've got a feeling I'll be reviewing products via typing and photography very soon!

I hope you all are well and congratulations to any other 2015 graduates out there! We did it!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Woohhoo, congrats on your degree, Cassie!! I've been loving your videos over the past months but I'm not one to leave comments on Youtube. You're so refreshing and real to watch which has become so rare these days. I love getting ready with one of your videos in the background but I regularly smudge mascara all over my face when I burst out laughing. Hope to read you again soon xx

    beauty visions

    1. Thank you SO much, truly!! What a sweet comment for you to have left for me; it means the world to me <3 haha sorry I make you smudge your mascara sometimes but I'm not going to lie: it makes me happy to hear I can make you laugh ^_^

  2. love all your vids, congrats on your master degree Cassie, you did an amazing job, lots of hugs Alex and I

  3. Congrats on your degree!!! Loved the title of the post -- did a double take and had a good laugh! Hope we'll get to see more of your posts/videos now that the all-encompassing stress of grad school has passed! ❤

    xo the tea conjurer

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