Sunday, October 13, 2013

NOTD: O.P.I. "Stay The Night"

Remember the blog post I did a half a year ago (omgwtfwheredidthetimegotearsareeverywhere) where I gushed buckets of emotions over O.P.I.'s "Get Your Number"? Well I sure do because I actually have it on my nails at the moment (because I'm lazy and never post these dang NOTD's when I actually have the corresponding polish on). Considering I wore this in the speaking portion of my September Best & Worst of Beauty video I figured it was probably about time that I posted on its sister polish from the same collection. 

"Oh my gawd, Cassie, that picture is soooo blurry and unprofessional..." I KNOW BUT LOOK AT THE SPARKLES; LOOK AT THEM AND APPRECIATE THEIR ABUNDANTLY PRESENT BEAUTY.

Just like "Get Your Number", "Stay The Night" was from the O.P.I. Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Collection (of Spring 2013) was something I just had to snatch up; a.) because I had originally seen it here and, as usual with the lovely lady behind the sleepandwater blog, was dazzled into buyer's need (opposite of buyer's remorse because all-of-the-feelings-none-of-the-shame) and b.) as I mentioned in the video where I hauled this polish, my friend Torey gave me all of the justification required when trying to be good and not buy anything: "Cassie... you need it".
Signed, sealed, delivered; I'm yours. 

 I knew when buying "Stay The Night" that it wouldn't dazzle anywhere near the way "Get Your Number" does; plenty of pictures were out on Google by the time I heard of these polishes so it was clear to me that this was going to look less than pleasing without a top coat. However, a certain nail blogger had raved about this shade and how it looked like glowing embers in a campfire blah blah blah... ha ha ha ha. More like raspberry preserves crusted along the lid of the jar. No matter how I look at it, "Stay The Night" in its liquid sand form is just utterly and completely unappealing to me.

Thankfully this polish can be salvaged with a thick, shiny top coat. It really is a pretty bugger when worn like this and has a remarkable depth to it considering it's just a black base with the same pink sparkles laced throughout. Usually you'd need at least a few different sizes or a couple different colors of glitter to create the deep cosmic-esque look "Stay The Night" does (a good example is how dimensional this polish looks compared to a poor-man's-version I have and reviewed here) so I have to give it credit there.
Overall this polish is nice but not necessary. Sure it's pretty but I think I compare it to the multifunctional (in the sense that it looks beautiful with or without a top coat) "Get Your Number" too much to enjoy it to its full potential. Gah I don't know, you tell me!!

What do you think of O.P.I.'s "Stay The Night"?
Love it? Hate it?
Any other liquid sand finish polishes I should try out?
Do share!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Lol love the honesty sans top coat! But at least there is a way to rescue it. I find that all Liquid Sand polishes always have that option for the top coat to basically make them lose their Liquid Sand quality and just become more ordinary glitter polishes - sometimes necessary depending on the shade (like this one). Embers in campfire aye? Now if only we found a polish that was like that...

    1. Yes you're absolutely right!! As terrifying as some of the liquid sands can look, most of them can be saved with a glorious top coat. If I ever find an embers in a campfire polish you KNOW I'll tell you first ;)

  2. Love the polish with the top coat .. I'm not one for those bumpy polishes.


    1. Hahah I completely understand Monica; glad you like it with the top coat though!

  3. I don't know....I kinda love it even without the top coat! I'm more of a dark nail polish girl all year round already that this just seems perfect for fall. I know you'd definitely get compliments on this no matter how you wore it! It is absolutely stunning with the top coat though! xo

    1. Haha that's totally okay Katie!! We're all allowed to have our opinions and yours is equally as valid as another ^__^ This color really is so gorgeous and perfect for fall like you said; I hope you pick up a bottle for yourself some time soon so you can wear it and love it as well!! <3


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