Sunday, October 6, 2013

Short People Problems

I may not be the most help when it comes to reaching things (though customers at work seem to think I've got a go-go-gadget arm at the ready to reach them a ceiling-high tshirt) but I am helpful at hemming pants considering I've had to do it myself for the past... gosh, almost ten years? 
Hopefully my lack of height can help any of you needing a very basic (and not at all professional) tutorial on shortening your pants while keeping the original hem! Enjoy~

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I'm always hemming my pants and dresses! I have two pairs of pants that have been waiting to get hemmed for almost a year... oh dear!
    xxx Kat

    1. Hahah I do that sometimes too... hemming is such a hassle but dang it feels good to get it done! Show those pants of yours some love :D

  2. I can relate! haha. I have the same problem too with jeans. Very useful tutorial Cassie! <3


    1. Yaaaayyyyyyy a fellow shorty!!! Glad you liked it Kathy <3


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