Tuesday, January 6, 2015

benefit "they're Real! push-up liner": Swatches + Review!

Here we go people... my attempt at getting back into the swing of blogging this year. 
Step 1 (aka the only step of this operation): finally write blog posts for products I took pictures of during the summer of 2014. Yup, that's right; I've had photos sitting in my iPhoto albums for over six months now and have yet to write them the blog post they deserve. 
I mean, imagine your parents taking you to Glamour Shots, getting you all dolled-up and pampered with a dated hairstyle and feather boas slung everywhere (and on everyone), then keeping the photo negatives sitting in a dark drawer for multiple months to come. No. Unacceptable. Those beauts deserve to be hung on the walls (yes, multiple walls in multiple rooms of the house) in fancy gold frames for all to see.

So I figure the best way to kick off my back-to-blogging venture is by reviewing one of the products that I continue to use and adore to this day: benefit's "they're Real! push-up liner". While I don't use it every day (I'm far too low maintenance to wear wings on my eyes from day to day) I definitely use it every time I decide to sport that classic bold flick across my top eyelids. 

It's not the perfect product but it sure is a treat… let's take a peek!

The thing that I love most about this "lash-hugging gel liner pen" is absolutely the flexible rubber tip. Granted, it's not necessarily because of its lash-hugging capabilities… in fact, I find that it struggles to get close enough to the lash line (no different from any other gel formula) to write off a tight lining pencil altogether. 
That being said, I adore the applicator of this pen because it pushes my lasheswhich are long and often get in the wayout of the path of the gel. When I use liquid liner one of my main problems is that my lashes get liner on them during application, which then results in liner on other parts of my eyes (because god forbid I blink). Not cute. Because the tip is so extremely flexible, that means it's the applicator that bends during the curvier parts of creating a wing rather than your lids being tugged around. Never have my wings ever been so on point (pun absolutely intended) and easy to create; the pointed+angled tip makes messing it up nearly impossible! Place the whole length of the applicator on the outer corner of the eye, drag inwards, and you're done. 

Now here comes the tricky part… getting out the perfect amount of product to line your eyes. With so many click-up pen type products on the market these days (the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer being a popular one), I feel like we're fairly accustomed to doing at least three clicks before using a product. The benefit "they're Real! push-up liner"? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Anything over two clicks will push out far too much product and make application a big old crumbly mess; basically everything you don't want when trying to create the perfect winged eyeliner. 

In the above photo you can see the major difference just one or two clicks makes with this gel liner. The top swatch on my hand is a "3+ clicks" application and the bottom is that of "1-2 clicks". Huge difference, no? I think it's one of the things that really causes people to hate this eyeliner pen and I find that to be such a tragedy. So long as you're careful not to do more than two clicks then you're in for a super-duper-dreamy-creamy delight. It won't be as smooth as a liquid liner but honestly if you've ever worked with gel liner before then you (should) know that that will never be the case. 

Which leads me to my next point: I can't use this liner on the inner corners of my eyes. The skin is just far too thin and my eyes are way too watery to allow for decent application. It's really no big deal to me though; I just use my "Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum" to get that last itty bit of my lash line and call it a day. Perfect for me getting through both products as well because I find the P.F. liner to not be as black or as opaque as I'd like for a full bold wing. Yay for teamwork!

Gel liner is a completely different medium compared to liquid; it's like trying to compare acrylics and oils in the painting world which is an absolute impossibility (please trust). So it drives me insane when people try out the benefit "they're Real! push-up liner" and start whining that it's not as smooth or crisp as certain liquid liners can be. Well no sh*t Sherlock! Gel and liquid options exist for a reason and it's because they serve two completely different purposes. It's much tougher to get a solid line with gel and it sure as heck won't happen in one swoop but, if you are willing to put in the effort, it can create a brilliantly opaque and budge-proof wing that'll pierce through the hearts of anyone who comes too close. 
I didn't realize this was going to turn into a bit of a rant at the end everyone, my apologies!! I think it's just an inherent reaction when it comes to something you love… insult my mom and I'll punch you! Insult my cat and I'll kick you where it counts! Insult my precious cosmetics and I'll kill you with all I've got!
You feel me?

To sum things up: the benefit "they're Real! push-up liner" isn't for everyone.
You have to love gel liner, not mind the extra minute it takes to draw on gel liner in the morning (or night; who am I to judge), and also be a huge sucker for novelty (I said it a million times when I first reviewed the product and subsequently in my "Best & Worst of Beauty" video that month). Since filming that B&WOB video I've definitely taken a much stronger liking to this linerI had only had it for a couple of weeks at the time so now that I've 'gotten to know it' better I can say with certainty that I'd absolutely repurchase the "push-up liner" from benefit. 
Once you use this pen a handful of times, application becomes so easy and routine. Plus there's the added bonus of never having to clean a brush!! I'm beyond lazy when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes so being able to just wipe the tip of this off with a piece of toilet paper after each use makes me oh-so-happy. Not to mention the fact that the gel is still creamy and kicking after having owned it for 6 months now? That's bang for my buck at its finest. 


There you have it folks! Hopefully this first blog post back after a month long absence wasn't too painful to read through. I'll get my writing mojo back in due time (so long as I stick with it)!!

Have you tried the benefit "they're Real! push-up liner"?
Love it? Hate it?
Which do you prefer: gel or liquid?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I have this and you're exactly right, took me a few attempts to master and a few less clicks but I got there in the end! :)

    Jen xx

  2. So excited to see you back in the blogosphere! I haven't tried this guy out yet, but you present such a good case with this in depth review (threats of physical violence aside...ha) that I might just have to give it a shot!

  3. I got a free travel size version of this when I bought the mascara a few months back and I don't love it but I don't hate it either. It takes some getting used to but I can see why people really like it.

    Sophie x
    - sophlizbeth.co.uk

  4. Winged liner looks outstanding on you!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  5. Looking at stock photos of this eyeliner annoyed me, but now that I'm seeing real photos of it, I'm rather intrigued. I'm so clumsy with my makeup though, even something in this format, I'm sure to jack it up somehow. :/ Maybe if a drugstore brand comes out with something comparable to this, I'll try that out first, and then I'll try the more expensive version. Thanks for the review! Very in-depth and still to the point! :)

  6. I've got a mini version of this, and it's a bit hard to use as you have to squeeze the product out. The formula is great and it does not budge (which can be a bad thing come the end of the day haha). Maybe the full size would be easier to use?

    xx Kat @ Katness

  7. GIRL you make this look easy! I have such a difficult time with this eyeliner, and I've been doing wings since I was 16! I don't know... I'm still on the fence about this eyeliner, but you give me hope to keep at it! I have to say, the fact it gets kind of oily/watery on the tip between uses irks me, too.

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over


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