Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beauty Box 5: September '13

 That's not a Birchbox *shockhorror*!! Indeed, perceptive readers: this is a different monthly beauty box... Beauty Box 5; beautybox five; I'm honestly not sure which spelling of the name it's supposed to be since the logo is spelled one way but the on the website it's referred to the other way. Regardless, Beauty Box 5 (I'm going to stick with that one just for kicks) is, from what I can tell, the same premise as Birchbox but has its own tweaks and perks here and there. 
Beauty Box 5 works with different brands than Birchbox (and honestly I haven't heard of most of them which is neither a good nor bad indicator), always sends out five beauty samples from month to month (Birchbox does anywhere from four to six), isn't a box within a box (which is good and bad in my eyes; I love using my Birchboxes to store odds and ends but I do end up throwing a lot of them away because I've been subscribed for so long), is two dollars more per month than Birchbox ($12/box rather than $10/box), and, from what I'm aware of, doesn't include any sort of rewards system like Birchbox does (oofta).

Either way, I was kindly sent the September '13 Beauty Box 5 (surely an extra they had lying around but hey I'm not complaining) to review for you all so let's get started on the products now that the nitty gritty has been analyzed! As always, my opinions are 100% honest; I would never lie or sugar coat things for you guys. Take the jump below if you're interested!

Beauty Box 5, like Birchbox, includes a card with their box each month telling you about the products inside. It gives a description of the products as well as the retail price for the full size; essentially it's the same spiel Birchbox delivers but minus the other side that's full of monthly chit-chat... which I must say I actually enjoy reading from box to box. It gives the box a theme and just adds a little touch of warmth and personalization as well. It seems to me that there isn't necessarily a joint subject matter tying each Beauty Box 5 together which I can see some people not minding and, in all honesty, I sometimes don't understand Birchbox's themes so this could be a plus or minus from person to person.

I don't know why the photo compression makes my skin look so old but it does and I'm sorry and I promise I'm 23 like I say I am and don't lay in a tanning bed all day err day...

First off I got a gorgeous, and I mean drop-dead-straight-into-the-casket-no-regrets-gorgeous, eyeshadow from "be a... bombshell"; or "Be a Bombshell"; again, I'm not sure because the logo and the type on their website are completely different. Let's get it together companies, it's confusing (especially to bloggers like myself!)!!
Either way, I had never heard of this brand but I am thoroughly impressed. "Birthday Suit" is one of the most buttery (but not crumbly) eyeshadows I've had the pleasure of swatching and the pigmentation was perfect. I absolutely love the color as well; it's the perfect nude for me so I know I'm going to get a ton of use out of it. 

If I had paid for this box I must say: I'd be extremely upset with this product. 
Birchbox sometimes sends out nail files as 'extras' so I don't really mind getting them (everyone needs a nail file lying around, right? Yup) but this nail file was considered one of the five products in this Beauty Box 5. To make matters worse it was covered in poorly attached glitter so even just one tap of the skin on this thing and you've got glitter everywhere. I can't even imagine how much glitter would be all over my hands if I were to scrub this back and forth on my fingers (as you do with a nail file)... with a cat who sniffs and licks most things I really can't have loose glitter all over the place so this product is sadly a throwaway for me.

This moisturizer was exciting to receive purely because my current one just ran out the other day. Being 23 I'm not at the age where I need to be worried about firming or wrinkles but nevertheless I believe in prevention being key! I'm all for looking lovely forever and if that means treating my skin early on then I don't mind a bit.

Another moisturizer? Hmmmm I'm not too sure how I feel about that. Just about as much as I'm not sure how I feel about showing you all my naked nails (I'm sorry, it was early and I was tired and I have a million other excuses that I could bore you with but I won't you're welcome) but it is what it is so there you go. 
This stuff smells divine so I'm really excited to slather this on my arms and legs! The weather is finally changing to a point where I need to be a bit more diligent with my moisturizing so something that smells this good (it's one of those classically clean smells that shouldn't be all that special but it really is a crowd pleaser) is something I can add into my daily routine no problems asked. It's also a hefty size so I know it'll last more than a few uses (more like a few weeks!) and I can let you all know how it works in the long run!!

I will never complain about getting a nail polish; being the absolute addict that I am (how many NOTD posts do I do each month? Too many? That's what I thought) I was so happy to see this neon beauty resting amidst the black spaghetti nest inside of the box. It's so mini in size which would normally warrant a complaint but it's at the point on miniature where it's freaking adorable so I don't even care. I don't have enough neons (truly: I think I have one in my collection) in my nail polish stash so I'm so excited to slap this on my nails and contradict the seasons!! 


That's it you guys!
Overall I was pretty happy with this box and, with all things considered, would probably give it a 3.5/5 stars. I was pleased with the samples overall but, taking into consideration the monthly price of $12 as well as the lack of rewards system (seriously, Birchbox's point system is amazing), I just can't say that I would subscribe since I'm already a loyal Birchbox girl. It's up to each individual consumer though and what their wants and needs are; Beauty Box 5 offers different perks (discounts from the beauty brands, the guarantee of five samples a month, etc.) and a different selection of brands than Birchbox so it's really up to you!!

Are you subscribed to Beauty Box 5?
What has your experience been with the company?
Subscribe to a different monthly box (i.e. Birchbox, Glossybox, etc.)?
What keeps you loyal?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. The Heavenly Silky packaging is too cute! Have you experienced Blogger distorting your pictures too? I put up a picture of my eye as part of a "FOTD" post and it made me look ancient! Not sure how to correct it, since it doesn't look anywhere near like that in Iphoto.

    1. It is pretty cute, huh?? Reminds me of the good old days of Lip Smackers packaging :) And oh no you're getting distortion too???? I figured it was a freak accident or something in this blog post but that makes me so sad to hear it's happening to you too; the last thing we need as beauty bloggers is accelerated aging T^T

  2. It must be really exciting to receive beauty boxes like this on a monthly basis! I must make a mental note to find something like that here. ♥

    1. It is very fun Kathy!! Definitely a nice little treat to look forward to each month ^__^ I hope you can find something where you live like this!

  3. Ohhhh nubar! Pretty pretty neon color!


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