Friday, September 13, 2013

Nu●Me Reverse Curling Wand (13mm-25mm): First Impression + Review!!

Something a little different for you all today... a hair tool!! I am by NO means a hair expert (as I think can be seen by my hair-chunk-grabbing ways [as opposed to neatly sectioning off hair] in the video hahah) but I do aspire to have flawless hair always (this is a far off dream; it will never happen).
So, the other week I hopped on an offer to get $115 off of a curling wand from Nu●Me, a brand that I'm sure many YouTube viewers are familiar with considering they like to sponsor gurus up the wazoo (I was not so lucky to receive this for free but, with the discount code missglamorazzi provided to the masses awhile ago, I was pretty freaking tickled nonetheless). I did a first impression/demo/review of my own to share with you all so, if you're interested, you can watch through the embedded video above :D

Hope you're all well and, as always, I hope you enjoy~

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Dear Cassie,
    I love love love your videos ,as they always make me laugh,like a real laugh not a snicker.You are absolutely adorable,and your reviews are very thorough and you always give an HONEST opinion on the product,I like your 12 hour later videos because it is a REAL end result unlike some of the other youtubers.I also think you have an adorable cat and respect your love for hummus.

    1. I don't even... but... I just... WUT. Ohhhhhhh my goodness Amber, do you like making girls cry???? Hahah but seriously, thank you SO much. This is honestly one of the most wonderful comments I have ever had the honor of receiving. I'm truly on the verge of happy tears. You are a beautiful human being; thank you for that <3 And YES hummus love haha, I'm so glad you noticed and appreciated that!! I love it on sandwiches, with pretzels, with veggies... I can't live without it! I'll also give Galileo a good snuggle for you :)

  2. Cute video, darlim'! You have to let me try your wand when I visit in January, im intrigued! Much much love to you! P.S. love your eye makeup in your accent video! Just beautiful! Another MN thing - we go "up north" to "the lake". Just like "the ditch" there is only one!

    1. Thank you mutti, I'm glad you liked the video!! ^__^ And yes, we can curl your hair with the wand while you're here!! It's definitely fun and something different. I'm also glad you liked my eye makeup in that video... people are going gaga over it haha; I'll definitely film a tutorial. OH MY GOSH AND YES I tooooootally forgot about going "up north" to "the lake"! Minnesota is fabulous.


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