Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thrift Swap w/Veronica Anne!

And the award for worst blogger ever goes to…? 
Awww yeahhh~ I accept that shiny imaginary trophy with open arms. My speech you ask? Shucks people I couldn't. Just know that I'm so sorry my blog has basically turned into a dumping ground for video posts. I pinky promise that I'll be typing up a proper review tomorrow though for your reading pleasure. Bear with me until then? *glitter-rainbow-eye-beams-of-love* ( ᵒ̌ัૢ▱ᵒ̌ัૢ )

xoxo - Cassie


  1. The school girl skirt is so so cute and the sheer orange shirt was a real find! Just went thrift shopping yesterday and am sad to say I did not find one single thing...sadness. I do have my own two kitties named Smokey (grey kitty) and the Bandit ( Black kitty with a white mask) to give me some comfort. Do love your swaps and it always amazes me what you guys find!

    1. I completely agree with Kate, I loved those pieces too!! And shoot I'm sorry you didn't find anything when you went thrifting the other day… I feel like that happens to the best of us, unfortunately :( The best part of that though is that you know it can't get any worse next time haha!! Awww Smoky and Bandit? They sound like an adorable duo <3 Give them lots of snuggles from me!


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