Monday, May 12, 2014

NOTD: Urban Outfitters "MYSTIC"

Something about this month has sparked a need for reflective flakes in my nail polishes. There was a time where ZOYA's "CLOE" was atop all of my polishes, then a little love affair with essie's "shine of the times" was rekindled (mainly because of the lovely lady behind "sleepandwater"), and now this. THIS beauty came into my life. And after the last UO nail polish mishap? This was a much needed manicure.

"MYSTIC" renewed my faith in Urban Outfitters polishes. Which is super important because they're at a great price point (more often than not they're on sale 2 for $8) and, let's be honest, I love the look of the bottles. Sturdy cube shaped glass with super soft rubberized applicator? Sign me up and get ready to listen to me sing "I'm A Slave 4 U".

"MYSTIC" is a royal purple base with rainbow reflexive flakes that shine on the surface. The flakes pack a much greater visual punch in the bottle compared to on the nail. They're borderline invisible unless you're looking for the magic which, to some, may be a major con but to me it's subtly beautiful. Nuances like these can be the spice in life if you let them… 
which is super fitting for me at the moment since I just got diagnosed with pneumonia! Yay!!

Haha weren't expecting that little jump in conversation there, were you? Well, neither was I; just as I was about to finish up this post I knew that the pain in my chest I had been feeling all weekend wasn't about to get any betterin fact it was getting much worse. So I skippity-doo-dah'ed over to the hospital (if only I had actually been so joyous and graceful) and seven hours of laying in the hallway (all of the rooms were full) later here we are: pneumonia. 
The one good thing to come out of this is that now I've got some drugs to make me all sleepy-happy-comfy for the first time in almost a week. I'm so excited I could cry… which I'll happily do on my pillow tonight as I drift off to sweet drug-induced dreaming.

So excited to cuddle up with this fluff booger!

How are you all?
Well, I hope? Any pneumonia-laden companions?
Do share!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Aw, get well soon, Cassie :( Good thing you have Galileo!
    I love this polish it's so beautiful. I had never seen flakies paired with a deep blue. I love the packaging of UO polishes. I'm a sucker for squares and rubberized textures. x

    1. Thank you Coco!! Yes, Galileo is definitely being a good little nurse :) And double yes on UO polishes; the bottles are gorgeous and this color is just an absolute win!

  2. This nail polish looks like it would be kind of thick and it? As always...Galileo is the star of the show! Get well soon.

    1. Surprisingly enough it's not gloomy at all!! Actually quite the opposite: it's that perfect slightly-runnny consistency so streaking isn't much of a problem :) But yes, Galileo ALWAYS steals the show… cute little bugger. Thanks for the well wishes Kate <3

  3. Cassie, I hope you feel better soon and at least your nails look fabulous! I've never seen this combination before, its really unusual with the dark blue.

    PS. I finally took your advice and posted some outfit photos, if you get a chance to have a look.

    Katie x

    1. Thank you so much Katie!! The well wishes from everyone are definitely helping the recovery process ^__^ And oh yay I'll definitely go and take a look… so proud of you! <3

  4. Oh no, pneumonia?! That sounds serious! :\ I'm glad you managed to get yourself to the hospital so they could have that diagnosed. I hope you're resting up and feeling better - we often take our health for granted until we don't feel so good and realise how precious it is just to wake up every morning and not feel any pain or symptoms. As for the nail polish, I think you captured the flakies so well even if they might be hard to see. I reckon a coat of Shine of the Times over this would definitely bring more "magic" :)

    1. Yeahhhhh it definitely hasn't been fun but thank you so much for the well wishes!! <3 You definitely put it very well in saying that we take our health for granted most of the time… it's no good! But I actually took your advice on putting shine of the times over this AND IT'S GORGEOUS!!! So thank you for that :D


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