Monday, July 15, 2013

July '13 Birchbox!

Hello everyone!! Not so sure this post of mine is going to have as much 'zip' as usual because I had my eyes poked, prodded, and dilated for a couple hours today and I still feel like my eyes are tapioca beads of pain and anger.
But alas, a promise is a promise and I said I'd have this post up today! It's halfway through July (#emotions) so it's about time I got my Birchbox review out to you all (I've only had it lying around for, oh I don't know, four or five days now).

Take the jump if you want to see what I got!!

I'm going to be completely honest with you all, I did NOT understand the theme this month. A power play, to me, is something that is multifunction, multi beneficial, 'kill two birds with one stone'... you know, that sort of thing. All this box was full of, in my eyes, were products saying 'your hair is a mess and skin is out of control'.

I had an inkling I had seen this product before...
but I guess I wasn't bothered too much since my hair really has been in need of some help lately (in the current crock pot of misery that is the outdoors, I know I'm not alone).

It wasn't until Birchbox sent me an email this evening telling me that I had received this sample before that I remember I indeed received this sample before. But let me tell you, this is another reason I love Birchbox: their customer service in ON. POINT. The fact that they reached out to me apologizing for the mistake they made (you're never supposed to get the same sample twice) before I really had time to realize it myself, not to mention giving me 100 Birchbox points (aka an extra $10 to spend in their shop), shows me how much they really do care about their customers.

As much as I b*tch and moan about receiving samples targeted towards acne... I am the one who told Birchbox in my profile that I have acne prone skin sooooooo hahahha. 
I'm sensitive okay??? As is my skin.

I'm excited to give this treatment a try but I really don't have high hopes after receiving a face wash from DDF in a Birchbox previously and not getting on with it too well; it wasn't a terrible experience though so at least I'm open to giving this a shot.

This was, hands down, the product I was most excited about trying.
After receiving theBalm's "HOT MAMA!" blush and theBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer in past boxes, I've become a bit of a theBalm fanatic; I'm just enamored with the texture and quality of their powder products. 
INSTAIN "Swiss Dot" is no exception. 

It's extremely soft, pigmented, and leaves a stain as promised (which, for a powder, is pretty impressive); in this slip 'n slide makeup season, this is great for anyone concerned of 'makeup meltdown' or even just plain old makeup fading throughout the day (I feel like blush is usually the first thing to go). The fact that it's reminiscent of the papaya/coral color craze I've been all about lately (hereherehere... need I go on?) only adds to the majesty that is this blush (#bringontheunicorns).

Ahhhh another acne treatment, another day.
Such is my life since the tender age of thirteen.

Not much else to say here other than I'll give it a try! I hear great things about Dr. Jart and I myself remember having a good experience with a BB Cream of theirs from a Birchbox months (and months and months) before I started blogging/doing YouTube. Fingers crossed this works a treat!

Jokes aside from earlier about my hair, I think these bobby pins are really cute and I'm excited to play around with them. The only thing I'm nervous about is that they have a grip stronger than NicePeter forever has on my heart (can I fangirl publicly like this? I can't help it, he makes my heart a beautiful pile of mush); with hair as fine and thin as mine I'm quite skittish to stick these in my mane (HAHAHAH sorry it's late and calling my troll doll hair a "mane" is funny) but we'll see how it goes.

Alright everyone, that was my Birchbox this month!! I'm off to rest my pupils in the land Big Bird offering me pot (aka I'm going to bed... thanks Dana for reminding me that that's what my dreams are made of).

What did you think of my box this month?
Anything you want to try?
Are you subscribed to Birchbox?
What did you get this month?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. your blog is beautiful! :) I'm a new follower

    I'm also about to grab your button ^_^ would love it if you did the same (only if you would like to)

    1. Thank you so much, really!! That means so much to me ^__^

  2. Ive been debating whether or not to joing Birch Box. I just posted a review on my first ipsy box and while I liked a lot of the produts I was upset that all of the products pictured on their website weren't in my box. Take a peak!

    1. Oh no, that's too bad!! I've thought about joining ipsy but their bags just seem WAY too hit or miss for me; at least with Birchbox there's always at least a couple things I'm really excited about each month but sometimes ipsy bags are just complete fails (in my opinion) :/

  3. Lately Birchbox has been ON POINT with their boxes and they're making me want to sign up. Do you have a referral link I could use if I were to sign up? That way you can get come points :) I'm a bit sad they got rid of their 3 and 6 month options ): I love those bobbi pins and theBalm blush! Well worth the $10 :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. (already emailed you about most of this) Yes, this box was MORE than worth the $10 if you ask me!! Really pleased with the samples, the sizes, the packaging... everything was pretty dang great this month! :D

  4. I've been debating on getting Birchbox or not for MONTHS, but lately, their boxes are just getting better and better! (Oh and by the way, I TOTALLY feel ya on the whole Nice Peter thing, he's adorable!)

    xoxo aly

    1. Haha YAY I'm so glad you understand my thing with Nice Peter; mush I tell you... mush!!! And yes, Birchbox really has been doing a great job as of late. I can't remember the last time I've been disappointed with a box!

  5. theBalm has the cutest packaging! I would definitely be the most excited about that blush if I received this box. The concept of a staining powder blush is pretty interesting - I would only think about stains as lip ones or something liquid. Cute bobby pins as well! :)

    1. I really love theBalm's packaging as well!! Hopefully I'll get a review of it up soon (though I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried it on the cheeks yet!) ^__^


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