Saturday, November 10, 2012

Firmoo Glasses Review

 (all of the above included with your order from Firmoo, apart from Galileo's front left paw... he's a pathological photo-bomber, I can't get him to stop!)

I have a REALLY exciting post for you all today!! 
Not only was Firmoo kind enough to contact me and offer me a new pair of prescription glasses, but now I also get to extend the same offer to my lovely readers!! You too can get yourself a pair on the house (all you'll pay is shipping) from Firmoo

Take the jump below if you want the details and if you want to see my new specs :)

Ordering a pair of glasses (especially prescription lenses) online is a little scary, I must admit. Will they get my prescription correct? Are the glasses going to be damaged enroute? Will the glasses even look good on me in real life?

I had these worries myself, but now that I have received these new glasses I know that I'll be wanting to get glasses from Firmoo for a long time to come!! 
I have pretty bad vision (I can't read the big letter on vision charts, if that tells you anything) but I can see crystal clear with these glasses on!! Firmoo also packages the glasses in a bubble wrap envelope, as well as a rock hard glasses case, so the glasses were pristine upon arrival. Alongside these perks, Firmoo provides a great feature on their website (though I couldn't get it to work for me, other users seemed to have no problem with it) where you can take a picture on your webcam and virtually "try on" the glasses to know which ones will suit your face best :)

The reason I wanted new glasses in the first place was that, since I wear my glasses nearly every day of the week (if not, EVERY day of the week; I'm pretty lazy), I wanted to have a second pair to switch things up depending on my outfit and how I'm feeling that day. 
Thus, I ordered these great Tortoise print frames with a slightly wide cat-eye!

So, if you're ready to get your own pair of glasses (they can be prescription lenses, nonprescription lenses, or even sunglasses depending on your wants/needs!) here's all you need to do:

1.) Head on over to Firmoo's website
2.) Look through Firmoo's hundreds of different frames to see what you like
3.) This is optional, but you can use the virtual try-on system to see if the glasses you're attracted to will look just as attractive on your face
4.) Place your order!! Like said, for new (first-time) customers the glasses will be 100% free to you and all you'll need to pay is the shipping & handling!

I hope you head over to Firmoo (even if it's just for fun to try on some glasses) and fall in love with a pair like I did!! Their customer service is wonderful and I couldn't be more pleased with the glasses I picked out. 
Happy shopping (and happy weekend!)!! :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Look gorgeous on you! I'll be reviewing the sunglasses soon x

  2. Thanks for the awesome make-up tip Cassie! I've read so much positive reviews about the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundi. I have combination oily and dry skin though (mostly oil. Does it also offer good coverage? I want something that will hide a few pimple marks and pores. Haha. sorry for asking a lot.


  3. Megan: Thanks so much!!

    Kathy: Any time!! I left you a follow up comment on your blog; happy makeup shopping :)

  4. These actually do look gorgeous on you! You suit glasses :)

  5. Great review! I absolutely adore your blog (so glad I found it!!) Now following you xx

  6. Wow, is it really free? I'm looking for a new glasses :)


  7. Beautiful glasses and, what's even more important you look so beautiful in them! x

  8. They contacted me too, but i've not quote got round to choosing some yet. I can't wait though as there's such a great selection xx

  9. Elizabeth: Aw, thank you SO much!! Glad you like them :)

    Rosalinda: Thank you dear!!

    Louise: Oh man, what a lovely thing for you to say... you just made my morning a little brighter, thank you!!

    Caroline: YES, they are absolutely free for new customers (all you pay is the shipping and handling)!! Isn't that wonderful? And the quality is fantastic :)

    Little Rus: Thank you so much!!

    To Wanderlust: You definitely should order them soon; Firmoo does not disappoint! I'm sure whatever you choose will look lovely :)

  10. I love Firmoo
    Nice post and I like your blog ...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? :D
    New post on my blog
    Facebook Page


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