Sunday, November 18, 2012

Late, As Usual...

Will I EVER remember to post my YouTube videos to my blog right after I upload them?
Will I?

No need for the suspense I suppose, I clearly won't (#realist).

So here you go; if you haven't seen them already, do watch my two latest OOTW videos if you've been missing the fashion aspect of my blog :)
I hope you enjoy!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I'd love it if you checked out my blog!

  2. Cute style and you seem like you have a super fun/cute personality to match! Also i literally laughed out loud at the slow motion "rawr" cat jumping moment. XD

    I've thought about doing YouTube videos but then thought they may be even more labor intensive than blogging? But i love how you can get more of a "feel" to the clothing from videos than pictures.

  3. Your videos are amazing! You have to so more! Well done!! :) Hope you visit me and may like my blog about me and male fashion :) XOXO Visit me under the link below:

  4. Great videos! I love the earrings!

  5. hello dear, thanks for your lovely comment
    love your blog
    just followed you on gfc no 86


  6. I wish I can watch these videos right now but my Youtube (my whole internet connection) is so wonky. But I bet this is awesome.<3

    And thanks for the tip about the foundi Cassie!


  7. Sabrina: Thank you for following :)

    Nicole: Awww thank you so much I'm glad I could (well, I guess my cat could...) make you laugh!!

    look-scout: Thanks, I do them at least once a week and think that's frequent enough for now haha :)

    Emily: Thank you!!

    Stephanie: Thanks so much!

    Brooklyn Grace: No problem and thank you so much!! I'm glad we're following each other :)

    Rosalinda: Thank you dear!

    Kathy: Oh no!! I hope you get better internet connection soon (for general purposes, not just so you can watch me on YouTube haha)! And no problem, I glad I could (hopefully) help! :)


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