Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NOTD: Vintage Floral Nails

Well, my blog is turning into a nail polish/nail art blog again... you all know what that means, don't you?
I'm stressed.
Up the wazoo.

Basically, long explanations (read: excuses) aside, finals are coming up so I've been crushed for time between school, work, taking care of Galileo, etc. So, to ease this stress, I followed a nail tutorial on YouTube (by the lovely BubzBeauty) and created these cute and girly nails!!

From L-R:  L'Oreal "i will!", Revlon "BUTTERCUP", Sally Hansen "Sorbet", NYC "Greenwich Village", Revlon "Jaded", Revlon "Posh"

I think what I love most about these nails is the addition of the two polkadot nails and all the different background colors. It's just something a little unique and special that Bubz came up with that I absolutely adore!!

And another thing I adore?
This guy:

It's been awhile since you've all seen Galileo (aside from his cameos in my YouTube videos), hasn't it? This was just from the other day when he was having a shnooze on the couch behind me... 
he also just had a vet checkup/shots and he's almost 8 pounds!! He's only six months old and already weighs this much so I can only imagine how much he's going to weigh in the future (I'd be lying if I said I didn't want him to be a 20 pound Siberian like some of them get to be... a girl like me needs a MANLY man-cat to protect her and her home, after all!).

How has everyone been?
Have you ever rocked floral nails with a bit of a quirky design?
Do you prefer big pets (Great Danes, Siberians, etc.) or little pets (Toy Poodles, Singapuras, etc.)?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Wow your nails are so lovely! I never have the patience for designs like this.

    Also your cat is adorable, and I definitely agree with you about big pets, I'd love a huge cuddly tiger cat! xx

  2. They look amazing but it seems so difficult! (and time consuming) I'm not super talented when it comes to nail art anyways...And I definitely prefer smaller pets, ones i can pick up and cuddle easily:)

  3. Really nice job on your nails .. I can barely paint my nails without making a mess.

    Your cat is gorgeous. I miss having a cat (spouse is allergic).

    We have a 20lb cocker spaniel. He's about all I can handle.


  4. OhSoRosie: Thanks so much!! I love the thought of having a big cuddly tiger to come home and cuddle hehe (maybe it's because of growing up with Calvin & Hobbes).

    Sarah: Thank you, they're actually not too bad though!! I think these only took me 20 minutes to do :) I find nail art relaxing for whatever reason though so I could see how some people wouldn't have the patience for it!!

    Monica: Aw, thank you!! I used to have a cocker spaniel growing up but he sadly passed due to health problems that are typical to the breed :( And if your spouse is allergic to cats you should pay a visit to a Siberian cat breeder! They are hypoallergenic so some people with cat allergies can tolerate this kind of cat (my brother is severely allergic to cats and had no trouble being around Galileo at all!!).

  5. Your cat is very cute &
    I love your nails. ;)


  6. I LOVE how the nails turned out. Thanks for the cute cat picture :)

  7. These nails are just gorgeous, I love the miss-matched feel to them.

    Thank you for your comment on my post and congratulations on reaching your 100 followers!

    Elise x


  8. I love the nails! I like florals, but I am too lazy to ever do designs to my nails since I am prepping to graduate in the coming semesters. Maybe someday.. D:


  9. Your nails have that French country feel, very romantic! Adding one or two nails with your cute pink checkerboard (plaid?) artwork would be SuperCute too! Love you oddles!

  10. Laura: Aw, thank you!!

    Coco: Thanks so much dear! And of course, anytime I can share the cuteness of Galileo I will... I've got to do it more often!! :)

    Elise: No problem and thank you!! You should try them out yourself :)

    Lisa: Yes, definitely someday try these out!! I find nail art to be super stress relieving so maybe it could help you with de-stressing as well :)

    Mutti: Hi mutti!! Thanks for commenting and YES adding some gingham print would be super cute as well! Love love love you :)

  11. Your cat is absolutely adorable! I love the floral nails too xxx

  12. Wow, you did an amazing job with these! They look great. And what an adorable kitty :)



  13. Alice: Aw thanks I'll tell Galileo you said so ;)

    Jen27: Thank you so much!! Really appreciate it :)

  14. Oh, by the way, I love you OODLES, not oddles!

  15. these nails are actually gorgeous!
    ive done beauty therapy and i still am no good at painting nails!

  16. I really like this design! Great colours :)

  17. Beautiful nails! I'm going to check out the tutorial now and hopefully I can recreate it as nicely as you did :)

  18. Mutti: Hahahh I got it ;)

    The cats Meowww!: Thanks so much!! And that's okay, we all have our strong suits haha.

    RetroStreetStation: Thank you!

    Jane: Awww thank you Jane!! Definitely check out the tutorial; Bubz really shows that you don't have to be an artist like me to create these lovely nails :)

  19. These are gorgeous! They look like pro nail stickers.


  20. Gavina: Oh wow, thank you so much!! So sweet of you to take the time to comment that >3<

  21. Iringer: Haha yes... he's a cutie pie :)

  22. I love this pattern! Unfortunately, I do not have a steady enough hand for this kind of design, but yours look gorgeous! It reminds me of the Lilly Pulitzer rose pattern.


  23. Addison: Aw, oh wow thank you so much!! Do give this a try though if you love it... I think you'd be surprised at how easy it is, even for non-artists :)


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