Monday, November 12, 2012

NOTD: essie "chinchilly" + A Wee Bit Of Nail Art

I know, I know. You were probably sick of seeing essie's chinchilly when it seemed to explode across the blogosphere last Fall. In fact, I too was so sick of it that I didn't even bother to pick it up until recently.

Was I impressed? Was I underwhelmed?
Take the jump below to find out!!

This polish is absolutely RAVED about on the internet and I must say I'm baffled... why do people love this polish so much?? 

The color is less than unique (another cool toned taupe [gray with a brown/purple undertone] amidst a sea of taupe colored polish brethren and second cousins) and is a very runny consistency (closer to that of water than that of a nail polish). 
I had to lay THREE COATS of chinchilly onto my nails in order for it to come across opaque; for a cream or baby pink this would be acceptable. However, chinchilly is neither of these colors!!

So, to jazz up this less than spectacular polish, I painted on some little stars and sparrows that I saw on Pinterest long ago. Unfortunately even these cute little guys can't completely cover the conundrum that is chinchilly.

Have you tried out this polish before?
Can you explain to me the supposed fantastical wonderland that is supposed to be chinchilly?
Or do you side with me and see chinchilly as yet another overhyped (and underwhelming) essie nail polish?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. It's nice but I dont understand the hype either!
    Im having a blog sale including Essie polishes x

  2. I must say, I like the colour. But then again, I am a taupe lover and have been for years. Not sure that I would buy it tho, since I have a very close dupe that's opaque with 2 coats and cost me a third of Chinchilly. xx

  3. I'm still surprised that people like Essie nail polish at all - all the ones I've bought have been so streaky!


  4. Megan: I'm so glad you agree with me!! And it looked like you had a lovely assortment of items for sale on your blog (unfortunately I'm on a bit of a spending ban though)!

    Maya: I like taupe polishes as well, I just didn't find this to be the prettiest one out there (at least not against me skin color). Sounds like you have another favorite as well! :)

    Monica: Haha I'm so glad you feel the same way!! I'd say I've had luck with maybe 5% of essie polishes but that's about it... boo!!!

  5. the color is sickly beautiful ,


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