Monday, November 19, 2012

NOTD: e.l.f. Fair Pink

I've got a fairly short post for you all today... heck, it's not even long enough for a page jump to be inserted!! 

Happy? Sad? YOLO!!
(I don't even know if that's an appropriate usage of 'YOLO'... makes me feel old that I don't completely understand the hip tween lingo #headhangofshame)

I feel like e.l.f. gets a bad rap (chicka-what?? ...that was a rap noise and my attempt at humor #sorry).
And while I can understand the hate e.l.f. receives (some of their products are a little less than stellar) I really don't understand the hate as a whole; their products are dirt cheap so you should pretty much know going into your purchase that you're not paying for quality comparable to tarte or NARS. 
Heck, I even got this nail polish for free in one of my online orders almost a year ago!!

So, here's my two cents: 
Considering this polish is a year old (even some O.P.I. polishes get gloopy after being shelved for that long), cost me absolutely nothing (and even if it did, e.l.f. polishes retail for only $2), and has lasted four days on my nails with VERY minimal wear-and-tear, I'd say e.l.f. has another winning product in my book.

Fair Pink is a creamy baby pink that is neither cool nor warm toned; it's right in the middle of the tonal spectrum so I think it would suit pretty much any skin color. It goes on a little streaky and requires three coats for nearly full opacity but adding a good top coat while the polish is still a little wet takes away streaks and I find that the amount of opacity is perfect for creating a really minimally clean and sophisticated looking nail.

How do you feel about e.l.f. nail polishes?
How about e.l.f. in general?
Any other colors from e.l.f. that I need to check out?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I really like elf in general, I haven't tride the polishes yet though :)

  2. I love the shade..will need to try it out

  3. I don't have an opinion on elf yet since I haven't triend their products. I ordered some products and they haven't arrived so I'm excited to see what they're like. x

  4. I like Elf - not all their products, but I've found a few good ones. I love their eye shadow quad in butternut. Love one of their lip glosses in baby lips. I have two nail polishes that I bought at Target (limited edition), but haven't used them yet. They are xmas colors so .. next month!


  5. Love the nail color. Love ELF especially there eye shadows!

  6. Perla: Yay, a fellow e.l.f. lover!! Definitely try out their polishes; even though they're a bit sheer they wear really well and have a great shelf life! :)

    Jeeda: Definitely do, it's a great polish!

    Coco: You'll have to let me know how you like them once you receive your package and have a chance to try things out!! Have fun with them :)

    Monica: Sounds like you have the same take on e.l.f. as I do; not all of their products are great but they do make some really nice ones for the price! Let me know how the Christmas colors are so I can either go pick them up or avoid them altogether haha! :)

    The Jaded Reality: Thank you, glad you like it!!

  7. Thats such a pretty shade! I can't get Elf out here though unfortunately. But I am obsessed with everything nails, probably don't need any more polishes! Haha ;)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  8. lovely colour - reminds me of essie's ballet skippers but so much more reasonably priced! x

  9. That's a really pretty shade :) x

  10. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  11. Amelia: Aw, that's too bad you can't get your hands on e.l.f. products where you live!! And a girl can never have too many polishes ;)

    kb: Yes, it is very similar to some of essie's light pinks but as you said the price of e.l.f. is much MUCH better !!

    Evelyn: Thank you!

    Michelle: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy!! :)

  12. That's such a pretty color!
    thanks for the sweet comment and for the birthday wish!
    I really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  13. Such a beautiful color! How many coats did you have to paint to get that?

  14. Sagalina: Thanks and you're welcome!

    Isa: Thank you, it took three coats :)

    Analisa: Thanks!

  15. I actually really like their stuff. I have their makeup brushes and a lipstick and for cheap its not bad!

    Mod Fox

  16. Michelle Elizabeth: I'm so happy to hear you're a fellow e.l.f. lover!! I use their brushes everyday and love their lip gloss, eye shadows, nail polishes... I could go on!! I think they're a great and affordable cosmetic brand :)

  17. Ooh I really like this colour!

  18. Lucia: Thank you, I really like it too!!


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