Sunday, March 17, 2013

March '13 Birchbox!

This Birchbox post is long overdue (I got this in the mail about a week ago) but hopefully it's a post that's better late than never?
I'm not sure if I wasn't super jazzed about this box, if it has something to do with the die-down of beauty boxes on the blogosphere, or some other completely random life influence but this post just didn't seem to interest or excite me as much as Birchbox posts in the past!

Regardless, here is my March 2013 Birchbox for your viewing/reading pleasure; take the jump (haven't done one of those in awhile! Oofta!!) if you're interested!!

I just renewed my Birchbox subscription this month so here's to another (hopefully) great year of beauty samples for all of us to enjoy!! 
March's box was full of seemingly deluxe samples from brands that I've never heard of and thus never tried before (aside from Miss Jessie's Original which I received in Birchbox way back when) and spanned a great range of purposes from hair to nails.

Speaking of nails, this was the nail product included; isn't this one of the cutest emery boards you've ever seen??

I must admit, filing my nails is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to most people... it just irks me and I avoid nail filing unless absolutely necessary (mainly it's just a means of buffing if I get a small chip in my nail from work). 
However, this'll be great to have just sitting around looking pretty until I have a need for it. Oh, and the opposite side is pink!! Suuuuper cute.

I have to say, I'm not too jazzed about these samples. Opening up packets like these in the shower is a real hassle since your hands are obviously slippery and the fact that I'm sure I'll only get 1-2 uses out of these means that there is absolutely no way for me to tell if they'll do anything for my hair to warrant a purchase. 
Props must be given to the sizing of these two packets though in the sense that you get more conditioner (the blue packet) than shampoo (the black packet); I ALWAYS run out of conditioner before shampoo because I need more to coat my hair so at least they were conscious of that (or maybe I'm just grasping at straws to give Birchbox a little bit of credit haha).

Oh well, I guess we'll see how it goes but, like said, not my favorite samples from this box.

 I was really excited about the size of this face wash sample because it smells amazing and I'm definitely in need of some brightening (dark spots galore thanks to some recent stress spots... oh the joys of having skin). 
HOWEVER, as you can see in the last photo above: this tube isn't even half way full!!!
Ughhhhhhhh deceptive packaging ahoy.

Oh well, like said at least this product is targeted towards a skin concern I've been having recently so hopefully the performance will outweigh the sample size; quality over quantity, right?

I'm actually really excited about this shave cream... is that weird? 

I never treat myself to shaving creams because I find that soap and water does the trick just fine but things like Skintimate really are lovely luxuries to have around. And, thanks to the long winter, my legs have been a bit neglected (I seek all the warmth I can get, so sue me!! Hair was put there for a reason and having to shave it off is a sadistic practice we humans have put upon ourselves *end rant*) so this yummy smelling cream should be a nice incentive to get to work on grooming my legs.

I've never tried (or heard of) the Sumita brand before so I was really excited to get to try an eye pencil from them this month! Plus the fact that it's an aqua blue tugged at my heart strings as well; colored liner has really been tickling my fancy lately so I'm happy to finally be able to try it out with this creamy and pigmented liner.
Not to mention this stuff DOESN'T. BUDGE.
I had to scrub to get this liner off my hand (don't worry though, it's not like I needed a brillo pad or anything) which is something you don't see with pencil liners all that often (ever?).


So that's it people!!
I hope you had a nice fancy through this month's Birchbox with me; overall I think it was a nice box with only a couple of minor hiccups so I'm excited to give each product a try in the near future :)

Are you subscribed to Birchbox?
What did you get this month?
Don't get a monthly beauty box?
What do you wish you could have received?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. the emery board IS the cutest thing i've ever seen.

  2. Looks like a bunch of fun stuff this month! The eye liner color looks quite fun!


    1. I'm with you Monica, it was a good box overall!! And I can't wait to try that eyeliner out... I feel a desire to be more crazy with my eye looks lately so it should be perfect for that :)

  3. I got the face wash in my last birchbox and I'm in love with it. That's so weird you got so little in the tub. My was almost filled! I do love the shaving cream so your in for a treat!

    1. Oh man, I guess I was just unlucky!! But I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed that I love it as much as you anyways and then maybe that'll make it worth it :) And yay, I can't wait to try the shaving cream either!! You just got me very excited about those two products so thank you haha <3

  4. I've used that shaving cream. It's good.

    ...Wow. What a great comment I've left you.

    1. hahahahhaha more like BEST comment you've ever left me. Now I'm SUPER excited to use that shaving cream.

  5. If I received this I also wouldn't really be over the moon, there's nothing that really stands out as anything I want to immediately try or that I'd be excited about. I don't get nail filing either - clippers all the way!

    1. You said it perfectly!! It really wasn't a bad box but there wasn't anything that got me super stupidly giddy either... oh well, I guess that just means that next month can't get much worse *knocks on wood*!!


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