Sunday, August 12, 2012

August '12 Birchbox!!!

Hi gaiiiiiiiiz!!!!!
I had the most wonderful surprise placed (scrunched and slammed... thanks heaps, UPS man; you're welcome for my photographing the non-abused side of the box for your protection) between my screen & front door the day we got back from the airport last week.

It was my Birchbox!! What an early and pleasant surprise!
Take the jump to see what I got :)

I'll be honest with you, I'm they type of person that reads the first chapter of a book and then reads the last chapter to find out what happens; if I don't know the whole storyline I get so bored and anxious so if I know what's going to happen then it helps me to get through the whole book. I know this disgusts most of the literate population, but I just blame my Gemini personality.

So why am I talking about books, you may ask? Well, it was basically to explain that I'm the person that HAS TO KNOW what's going to be in my Birchbox before it arrives on my doorstep. I can't stand the anticipation so I scour the internet until I see the possible boxes and then log onto the Birchbox site the minute they tell me box has shipped since I know that means my box information is on the site. 
However, since I was in CO the whole first part of August, I didn't have internet and thus didn't have a chance to figure out (or even think about the contents of) my Birchbox... and I'm kind of happy I didn't! It was fun to have a box full of surprises waiting for me (aka the foundation Birchbox was built on #I'mafailure4life)!

I loved that this month's box was "back to school" themed since school IS just around the corner (and already started for some of you in the states!). Most of my friends have started their big kid lives, leaving me as one of the few that is still having to dread the big first day as fresh meat on a new campus/new state soil (the ridicule I'm going to face regarding my accent is depressing).

They even included a cute accordion pamphlet giving tips and explanations on different beauty tools and routines; helpful for those people just starting out with makeup (and just plain cute for old timers like me who know the basics).

I was also pleased to see Birchbox include this card instead of their usual "visit!!!! Buy our stuff kplsthx!!!!!" card that they include. 
Since I want to be a professor, I understand the beauty and value of an education so I'm glad to know that Birchbox is giving back to schools this month through sales on their website.

First up is my extra that was included this month which I was SO excited to receive; I HATE buying feminine products more than anything (and just plain old toiletries in general) so getting a free razor (which was on my shopping list) that is much higher quality than what I usually settle on was a real treat!
I just hope my legs and pits don't get TOO used to the pampering that this razor provides and make me switch to higher end razors in the future...

The next thing I saw in my box was this silkening curl cream. I tend to stray away from creams in my hair since it is so fine and thin and anything heavy in my hair weighs it down, making it look flat, greasy, and just overall nasty!! 
However, since this said it can be used as a moisturizer for hair I decided I would give it a whirl! 

I was so impressed that the sample was not only a truly deluxe size but also because of the safety seal on the pot; I'm not a germophobe by any stretch of the mind but this just made it feel more luxurious and expensive for some reason. 
The smell of this is also DIVINE (I can't explain it, but it's just a very fresh shampoo type of a scent... not floral, not fruity, just FRESH) so I enjoyed putting this in my hair after my shower last night and I must say: my hair felt softer after just the first application! Whoo-hoo!!

I am SO HAPPY with this next product as well. You may or may not know that I am OBSESSED with lip products (I'm pretty sure every single haul I've ever posted has at LEAST one lip product in it, be it a balm, stain, or what-have-you) so getting a brand that I have never tried before (pixi was only introduced to Target fairly recently, as far as I've noticed and I never really hear about it on people's blogs/YouTube) PLUS the fact that it's a full size basically made my day.

This is a double ended lip stick with one end containing the actual lip stick and the other being a coordinating lip liner; I have never used a lip liner before so this'll be fun to try out! The color is also beautiful on my skin tone and the product glides on so smooth and dreamy. While I haven't tried this on my lips yet (I've done nothing but sleep and relax since getting home) I can say that the liner part of this lasts ALL DAY, but the lipstick fades/smudges very easily. 
You win some you lose some, right?

Moving on.

I'm not sure if I've explicitly mentioned here on my blog but I have ALWAYS (well, since sixth grade... but that's where most of my memories begin soooooo yup #rationalizationaccomplished) been fascinated with all things Japan; the culture, the fashion, the language... I could go on but I'll spare you.
Basically, what I'm trying to explain is that I've always had my eye on yu-be (which I find it funny that this is how they decided to spell it [literally translated it would be "yuubi"] but I think they just wanted to go for the easiest english pronunciation for us foreigners) products but have never bought this cream because of the endless reviews commenting on the rank smell.

BOY were they not kidding.
Thankfully the smell DOES fade after a few minutes and your skin is left feeling so gloriously soft; I really wish they would add fragrance to this (although that may effect the smoothing reaction that the product produces) but oh well. Not sure if I'll buy the full sized product, but I'm glad I got to try this and also enjoyed the pamphlet that explained the background behind the company and gave tidbits of information about the different components of the product itself :)

Last but not least was this perfume sample.
Now. Ahem. I've ranted explained in past Birchbox blog posts that I absolutely abhor receiving perfume samples in my Birchbox simply because I can get these for free from any Sephora/Macy's/whatever. 

HOWEVER, I have wanted to try out the new Viva La Juicy fragrance: La Fleur since I first saw it on fragrantica (basically the mecca of perfume websites... I love browsing the pages and pages and pages of perfumes and their reviews and notes; perfume is basically my wine. I don't drink it, but I like to think I'm a connoisseur of fine fragrances [I'm not]). I've been saving up my Birchbox points so that I could get a bottle of the original Viva La Juicy, essentially for free, but when I saw this on fragrantica I wasn't sure if I would like this better or not.
While I did enjoy this version of Viva La Juicy, I'm glad I got to try it out because I was able to decide that I like the original much more. These can't even really be compared... they're like cousins, or second cousins twice removed; same basic building blocks but TOTALLY different scents. This one just wasn't as unique as the original so I'm glad I got to try before I made a purchase!

So phewfta, that was it!! 
Sorry this was so lengthy, I'm just not used to actually having time to try out the products when I post Birchbox openings so adding in reviews of the products lengthened this post by a huuuuuge amount. 
I hope it was helpful though and gives you some ideas on products that YOU may want to try before you buy!

Do you receive Birchbox?
What did you get this month?
Do you wish you received a monthly beauty box?
What would you want to try out?

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I'm so jealous of this box! It looks awesome :) I'm a new follower of yours

    1. Yes, I really enjoyed it!! And thank you SO MUCH for the follow, it really made my day :)



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