Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/26 OOTD + Target Tragedy + Galileo Picture Dump

Please excuse the slight mess; I'm still in the process of unpacking/organizing/moving in.

I had a great day, and I had a horrible day.

Alright, dramatics aside, today was actually pretty good. 

It was the first day I ventured out on my own into town to the mall to get a couple things and groceries for dinner at Target! I got a little lost (even with my GPS...) on the way home, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't.

Plaid Peach Button Up - Thrifted
Blue Linen Tap Shorts - Urban Outfitters (Sale)
Chococat Watch - Ebay
"U" Bracelet - Forever21
Glow-in-the-Dark "Helloberry" Bracelet - D.I.Y.
Tan Peep-toe Kitten Heel Sandals - Thrifted
Toes - butterLONDON "Wallis"

Lips - Revlon Colorburst "Rosy Nude"

So, like said, I ventured to the mall, handed in a couple job applications (keep your fingers crossed for me! I've got bills to pay and Boston ain't cheap livin'!!) and then tried to (and failed to) speed through the isles of Target to get the ingredients I needed to make dinner/dessert to last me through the week; I'm the type of person that cooks up massive amounts of food on Sunday so they can live on leftovers the rest of the week (and I LOVE leftovers... a lot of the time I don't even heat them up in the microwave hahahaha).

Here's what I ended up making for my first real home-cooked meal (I've been living on granola bars and sandwiches) since I moved here a week ago!! 
The first recipe I got out of a Taste of Home cookbook that my grandparents got me for Christmas last year; it has become one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever received (aside from the KitchenAid handmixer they got me that same year... please stop judging me) since the recipes are so quick and easy to make! Not to mention delicious!
Anyways, I forgot what the cookbook named them, but essentially it's a lasagna noodle with cheeses, herbs, and pepperoni rolled up into... well, a rollup. Then you just top it with sauce and parm and you're good to go! Yummmmmm...

Also yum were the bars I made! I've got a real sweet tooth and have been wanting to make these no-bake peanut butter/chocolate/oatmeal bars since I stumbled across them years ago (I forget the source, sorry!). I finally got around to making them and they are SO GOOD. I might eat the whole pan by Wednesday... or tomorrow...

And then here we have the frivolous things that I picked up at Target as a sort of moving-in/congratulatory gift (aka an excuse to buy myself things I don't need). 

I had seen the shoes in one of the more (most?) recent thefashioncitizen videos and fell in love so when I saw that my Target had them (and on sale for $20 down from $35, whoohoo!) I knew they were destined to be mine; I have one of the most common sizes of feet (an 8/8.5) so finding my size in a shoe on sale is very rare indeed.

The second thing I picked up for myself was where tragedy struck.
I LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy (which I never thought was possible since I tend to HATE books that the world is obsessed with aka Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.) and wanted the DVD so badly since the movie was what got me into the trilogy, not the books. Yup, I know, throw as many stones at me as you want, but I did go and see the movie before I read the book. 
Anywhew, in my haste to get home and start cooking, I GRABBED THE BLURAY VERSION... 
So I've got to go and return this soon for something my DVD player can actually play.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed my ramblings about pretty much nothing from today!
To end things, here is a huge photo dump of pictures of my kitty Galileo (who is currently curled up against my back, snoozing away so he can spend the night pouncing on my feet beneath the covers which he thinks are the most baffling things ever):

Keeping an eye on the cars in the parking lot...

I think Galileo thought he was being stealthy by "becoming" the blinds hahahah so sneaky; you'll get those cars someday baby!!

This is how I wake up most mornings... with a purring bundle of warmth cozied into my neck :) 

Arm huuuuuuuuuuug <3

This is how Galileo occupied himself while I was busy cooking this afternoon.

 Galileo likes to cuddle against my back when I'm reading/on the computer/watching TV... and I don't mind a bit.

So there you go!! 
I hope you all are well (let me know how you're doing!) and enjoyed my fairly pointless outfit/food/cat post.

Is anyone else as in love with the Hunger Games as me?
And are you team Peeta or Gale? 
I think I'm the only one I've ever known who is team Peeta...

xoxo - Cassie

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