Friday, August 10, 2012

CO Vacation Picture Dump!!!

Hi everyone!!!
I'm back :D

I don't know why I like this photo... but I do.

I have a few posts planned for the next few days here but I figured I would just start out with a photo dump from my vacation. I hope you don't mind and enjoy the photos (especially if you've never been to Colorado like me!! It was breathtaking [literally... the altitude was insane]).
Jump with me!!

I'll start off with an OOTD; it wasn't anything special, but people seem to have a problem dressing for the airport. The essentials are:

And that about sums it up. You want on accessories that are quick and easy to take on and off for the security check and then loose, stretchy clothing that you won't be bothered sitting in (you know, not having to worry about plumber's butt, muffin tops, or foopas hanging out and around for all to see) for hours on end.
A cardigan sweater is also good to have so that you can throw it on if the airplane is cold. Watches are also nice to have on so that you don't have to be constantly whipping out your phone to check the time and make sure you're on time for your flight.

Tokyo Tee - Forever21
Caramel Belt - Goodwill
Jeans - Delia*s (found these while packing... yay for still fitting into my high school clothes!!)
B&W Speckle Sweater - Goodwill

 L'Oreal - Walk on the Beach

Rosegold Watch - Fossil (Gift)
Rosy Pink Stone Bracelet - Thrifted

Brown Buckle Tennies - Gift

So that's what I wore to the airport. Nothing special, but great for the occasion.

This was the makeup look that I did almost every single day of the vacation (the only exception was the day of my cousin's wedding). It is SO so so so easy and natural, and only required a few products so I didn't have to pack my whole makeup collection (which would be scary... and impossible).

All this eye-look took was my Wet 'n Wild palette in "Walking on Eggshells" (hauled and swatched here) and my new MUFE cream eyeshadow that I just hauled (and swatched; here!!!). Yay for quick and easy!!

Anywhew, onto the dumping of photos!!!

 We found this photo on the pavement when we parked our car... DO YOU KNOW THESE WOMEN??? PLEASE TELL US YOUR STORY.

Yes, I have a PillowPet. His name is Preston. He is a panda. We have been bed-mates since 2009 and couldn't be happier together.

 The only tea I'll drink.

Bye-bye Minnesota; land of squares (no shame).

And hello Colorado, land of mountains and altitude sickness.

This was painted on the window of a little CO diner we ate at on our way to the house; props to this artist, whoever you are. Your peanut raft and facial expression skills were delightful.

 We took a chairlift up to the wedding site which was a real treat; I've only ever been on one on my sixth grade skiing trip (which I failed at... and hence never tried again) so it was a lot of fun!

From here on out I've creepily blurred out the faces of my family members... I don't know if they care to have their faces on my blog or not haha. 
So here I am on the chairlift with two of my favorite cousins!

 My mom and step-dad.

 My brother (left) and one of my cousins (right) looking suave.

My brother and I in our wedding attire (aka WAY fancier than we ever care to look).

I unintentionally matched my toenail polish to my pumps... whoops/yay!

This was the site of the ceremony; daaaaaaaang.

So this concludes my photos from the wedding... I know, not that thrilling, but we had a great time. One of the best moments was when a girl from the wedding party came up to me, cupped my boobs, and told me they are "JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL." Hahahahahahah.

 Random OOTD...
Floral Blouse - Goodwill
Shorts - Forever21
Brown Tennies - Gift
Above the Knuckle Rings & Daisy Ring - Forever21
Green Grampa Cardigan - Goodwill

 BEST GELATO EVER; Peanut butter, straciatella, and hazelnut.

I loved these little gnomes... I don't know why.
My lovely mother and I.

I saved this bottle cap... it was just too awesome. I think I'm going to make it into a necklace!

We stopped at a little rock museum/shop (which I LOVE to meander through whilst oggling all the rocks and crystals) one day and also took a train ride through some mountains.

White chocolate fudge with chocolate covered sunflower seeds... mmmmm.

These little cups of gold were everywhere in this town... I wish I knew what they were!

I had to pick these... I figured since they were dead, the home they were grabbed from wouldn't mind. Does anyone know what these are/were!? They're so cute, I can't wait to display them in my apartment with the other dried flowers I hoard collect!

 We got more gelato... they didn't have straciatella this time so I got chocolate chip instead (a cheap imitation for the glory that is straciatella) and peanut butter.

We also went to a rodeo/farm celebration type thing the last night we were there to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday and grandma and grampa's 60th wedding anniversary; this was the sort of thing they grew up around so it was a lot of fun to hear old stories.
 I fed some goats...
Aaaaaand my mom attempted to do my hair in the bleachers haha.

The hotel my grandparents/some family members were staying at had a live-in dog; it was only 16 mo. old and already 160 lbs... that's basically me in dog form!! He was really friendly and let everyone pet him and take pictures.

My outfit that day (though you probably can't really see...):
Embroidered Tee - Goodwill
Leather Skirt - Goodwill
Western Belt - Mom's
Studded Black Flats - Thrifted

And that was it guys!! When we got back to the Minnesota airport we found this fantastic license plate AAAAND THE SAME PICTURE FROM WHEN WE LEFT A WEEK PRIOR ALONG WITH THIS OTHER FAMILY PORTRAIT (WITH THE LADY FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE OTHER ONE)!!!

Seriously, who lost their family photos? We found them!! They've been run over a few times though...

How have you all been?
I have missed blogging and spent most of my day today catching up on people's blog posts. I plan on doing nothing but relaxing before my big move next Friday!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. yay for tokyo! haha your trip looked amazing! especially the white chocolate with sunflower seeds...yum! not gonna lie, but the first picture you blurred the faces kinda creeped me out haha but you look amazing in all the pictures

  2. hahahahhahah I know, right!?!? I'm bummed that I don't have a program other than iphoto to edit so the "retouch" tool was the only option and it makes people's faces look REALLY CREEPY when you blur them out; alas, something was better than nothing was what I figured ;) Glad you thought I looked good though, haha! And I told you, I really want to visit Japan! Seriously, it's been a dream of mine for ten or so years now *SOB* you're living my dream sistah!!!

    1. better than noting indeed! lol. you look so happy in all the pictures :D you should come SOMETIME at least once in your life, really. It's totally a different experience from anywhere else in the World.. (not to make you sob even more) >:)

    2. hahasobsobhasobsob... someday...

  3. Lovely pictures Cassie! I had fun just by looking at them. That place is just so perfect for a wedding. <3


    1. Thanks Kathy!! It really was lovely; very different from what I'm used to here in Minnesota haha.

  4. Don't know if you ever found out, so I'll tell you what they look like to me. After poppies bloom, all kinds of poppies, they lose their petals and leave a seed pod which dries out eventually and ends up looking like the ones you are holding. I don't think those are from California poppies (considered a noxious weed in many places), they're too big, but the big ornamental poppies usually have a larger one. Maybe something in the poppy family that is native to CO.

    1. Oh thank you Sandi!! I never figured out what they were/what they were from so that's fun to hear they are most likely from poppies :D


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