Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus & Damage Reverse Shampoo/Conditioner Review

Alright, so that was probably the longest blog post title I've ever written, but that's because the names of the products were all different. HOWEVER, they're all from Ojon: my go-to brand when it comes to treating my hair.

To put it simply:
What chocolate is to Cassie, Ojon is to dry/damaged hair.

Now jump with me to read all about it and see how these suckers work!

First off, here's a verbal and visual look at my hair so you can understand what I'm working with.
I have medium/long hair that is both thin and fine (dry those tears friends) and dry on the ends because I haven't had a haircut in what I believe to be over a year now. I just haven't wanted to spend the money on it hahah #lazy4life
I also have split ends... and my split end's split ends have split ends. Oofta.

Take a gander:

Ahhhh, love that last photo. I'm notorious for sitting around and picking at my split ends when I'm bored, too, but that's beside the point.

Onto the Ojon!!

The restorative hair treatment is what got me into Ojon. It comes in a pot that fits nicely in the palm of your hand and houses a solid oil. I love that it has two air tight sealing lids so the oil won't dry up on you.

You scoop out some of the solid oil (Ojon suggests using a spoon, but I just use my finger) then rub your hands together a few times to heat the product and voila! You have a silky hair oil!!

I know that looks like a jar of pee on my coffee table... I promise it's not; it's Arizona Green Tea. 

So then I just pat this into my hair, concentrating the majority of the oil on the ends, and twist it up into a bun so that my hair is off my back and the oils can work their magic!
I always do this on a day when I know I'm just going to be a bum around the house all day (read: a shut in) or else sometimes I'll do this before bed and then wear a shower cap over my hair while I sleep. As long as you have at least seven hours to devote to looking like an oil truck dumped on your head, you'll be golden! I personally like to leave it in my hair for 12 hours though :)

Simple!! Gotta love products that do most of the work for you.

Once you've left this in your hair for the desired amount of time, you get to take a glorious shower. I received the Ojon damage reverse shampoo and conditioner samples from Sephora quite awhile back (and I'm extremely depressed that they're just about empty so I'm going to have to shell out major cash for the full sized versions *SOB*) and noticed that they really only seem to work for me when I use them coupled with the Ojon hair oil.
Honestly, even after just rinsing the shampoo out of your hair you can already feel how silky your hair has become in less than a day! Throw on the conditioner for a few minutes and you've got some luxurious locks.

I really wasn't sure how to photograph my hair after the treatment since it's not like this is an instant miracle treatment or anything. It is however EXTREMELY nourishing and leaves your hair silky soft and relaxed, taking all of the dry hay-like texture out of the ends of your hair. 
Hopefully you can kind of see those results in the photos above but, like said, I just wasn't sure how to showcase softness. You'll just have to try this yourself to feel the difference!

Lastly, I just want to make a quick comment on the smell of Ojon products since I know a lot of people hate it and find it very offensive. I have a really sensitive schnoz and I actually find the smell of these to be fairly pleasant. It's a mix of earth (dirt) and bitter chocolate. Definitely not to everyone's liking, but I really don't think it's that bad (the shampoo and conditioner have a much stronger scent than the hair oil though).

So that's it! Hopefully this was helpful :)

Have you tried Ojon products?
Love 'em? Hate 'em?
Any other hair treatments I should try?
I'm always looking for fancy hair products :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Woww I can see the difference in your hair after using this Ojon product. Indeed your hair looks silky. Surely this is a complete hair treatment package.

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    1. I'm so glad you can see the difference in the photos!! Definitely try out the products if you are in need of a hair treatment system; your hair really does feel lovely after using the Ojon products :)


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