Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!!!

Gahhhhhh it feels like it's been so long...
but I'm back and hopefully going to be blogging like a crazy person once more!

To start things off, here's my latest YouTube video that I just uploaded the other day:

I look like an absolute frazzled mess in the last portion (the haul) but that's because I was/am. Moving across the country from home/family/friends is not easy and I've been stressed and overwhelmed out of my mind this week with everything going on.
As I mentioned at the end of the video, I had to order a new camera (which I did yesterday, whoo hoo!!) since the one I had been using for filming was my mom's. In any case I'm hoping to receive the camera in the mail sometime next week so I can continue making YouTube videos!

I don't have much else, so I'm just going to dump some kitty photos on you... so if you're curious to meet my new baby Galileo, take the jump below!

This one is by far my favorite... he looks like such a playboy. I could just hear him meowing "heeeeeeeey" to all the lady kitties.

Galileo really likes sleeping like a sack of potatoes on my shoulder... I honestly couldn't tell you why.

This was on his first day home... he's a little contortionist; he slept like this for a few hours after the photo was taken.

So that's it!! 
I hope you all are well and, like said, I hope to be blogging like normal from here on out :)
Galileo and I are doing well in the new apartment; still getting settled and decorating but I'm so happy to have my cat here with me since he's such a cuddle bug and purr machine.

xoxo - Cassie


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