Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/1 Sephora Package/Unboxing/Haul!

Did I need to place another order at Sephora? No. But I figured it was deserved after all of my hard work with packing AAAAAAAAND there were deluxe freebies involved.
Please stop judging me.
My life is built on excuses.

I thought the text on the opening flaps of the lash perfecting gel was just too cute, so I figured I'd photograph it for you guys!

First off, I'll start with my 3 free samples. I wasn't exactly jazzed about any of these except for the last perfector but eh~. Free samples are free samples and you know I'll be trying them out!! 
I'll let you know if they're any good :)

Moving on to the REAL goodies, here's what I ordered; the things in black packaging (I didn't plan that, haha) are what I paid for and the lovely ziplock full of hair care is my deluxe freebie for my purchases.
Yussssssssssssssssssssss, I love it when the gift is bigger than what I paid for! Because size matters in my world ;)

The three products I actually spent money on were either wanted, needed, or lusted. 

This happens to be the product that I most wanted; I had had it on my shopping list at Sephora and nearly cried (judgement faces off, please) when it said that it was out of stock.
I LIVE for sweets, and caramel happens to be my biggest weakness; throw as many rocks at me as you'd like, but I'd pick caramel over chocolate any day (although if you combine the two you could make me do just about anything). So when I saw that TOKYOMILK had a lip balm that supposedly smelt and tasted like my beloved caramels, I was waving my credit card at my computer screen. 

This stuff is so heavily scented (not a bad thing at all) that I could smell the heavenly goodness even before I opened the tin. My only dislike was that I literally had to take a steak knife to this to open it; I don't know if TOKYOMILK super-glued this tin shut, but it was almost impossible to open (although my shaking hands probably didn't help).
Either way, this stuff feels delicious on the lips and also tastes delicious. And for only seven bucks, please go get yourself a tin if you're as big a sucker as I am for sweets/caramels. This will not disappoint.

This was my needed product. If you've watched my get ready with me video (here), you'd know that my brow kit is a hand-me-down from my very blonde mother. It was too dark for her (but she used it anyways and it really wasn't TOO bad) so she let me have it. And I love it, but she must have been heavy handed on the brow wax bit because while the powders are still going strong the wax is nearly gone!!
I had been searching and searching for JUST a brow wax but couldn't find one that didn't also come with the brow powders. It just seemed like such a waste of money to get the powders too when I didn't need them, you know? So when I saw this brow wax pencil (and read the rave reviews) I knew it was going to have to be mine the next time Sephora offered me free deluxe samples.

I haven't used this yet (still waiting for my original brow wax to run out) but I should be able to in the next month or so here so I'll let you know how I like it!! I "swatched" it on my hand (no photo since it's just a clear wax haha) and it felt really soft but like it'll hold my brows/brow powder in place nicely.

Alrighty, onto the lusty bit. I love cream shadows for a base on my lids (and sometimes just by themselves with no shadows layered on top of them) so I had been lusting over the MUFE Aqua Cream Shadows for quite some time. The promise of being waterproof (sweatproof, people!! Since I personally don't dip my face in a bucket of water on a daily basis) had me since that would mean it was just long lasting (and hopefully crease-resistant) in general.

Sephora described this specific color as a "pinky beige" and they weren't TOO far off. I'd say it's more of a warm rose though. I also didn't realize it would have such a frosty finish, but I'm fine with that; anything to draw attention to the eyes is fine by me!!

This stuff isn't going ANYWHERE!!!!! This stayed on my hand all day until I TOOK it off so that's great!! I am also really happy with the color and my skin tone, I think this'll be a great way to warm up my green eyes :)

And now, the pièce de résistance: my deluxe freebies!!!
I've been growing my hair out since I had to chop it all off (due to a bad hair straightener) my sophomore year of college (and by chop it all off, I mean it; my hair was about an inch long) so anything that is geared towards keeping my hair healthy has me breathing heavily. I honestly think that my hair has been able to grow so long so fast (I mean, going from an inch long to nipple length when straight in three years is pretty impressive to me) because I use little to no heat on my locks and also because of the shampoos/conditioners/masques that I use aimed towards strong hair.

Babble aside, I'm really excited to try these guys out. As you can see in the hand picture, these really are deluxe size samples so I know I'll be able to tell if this stuff actually makes a difference in my hair since it has been feeling a little dry on the tips lately. 
It also smells delicious; it's a very clean and calming smell. I'll let you guys know how I like it after I've had time to test it out!!

But that's it (hahaha...) people! I hope you enjoyed this little haul/unboxing from Sephora and hopefully I've given you some ideas as to what you should add to YOUR shopping list (I'm a terrible influence, I know)!
Let me know what's on your beauty product wish list!! I love poking around Sephora/Ulta, so I'm always looking for new stuff :)

I'll be back a week from today from my family vacay in Colorado, so I'll talk to you all then!
xoxo - Cassie

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