Monday, August 27, 2012

per-fekt lash perfection gel: Swatches & Review!

Alriiiiiiight, back into the blogging swing of things!! 
Here's my review and a look at the per-fekt lash perfection gel that I hauled in a Sephora unboxing not too long ago (in this blog post).

This product really baffled me and thus I was very intrigued. I honestly for the life of me could not figure out what this was supposed to do/what it would look like/was it a mascara/was it a primer/was it like shampoo+conditioner for your lashes?

The box claims all of these things:
Silky smooth color gel per-fekts and enhances the appearance of the lashes offing an easy alternative to traditional mascara, lash primer, lash treatment, conditioner and enhancer.

Upon first opening/swatching (the sample I got was in the color "flash"... I'm not sure if they make colors other than black?) I kind of had the feeling this was just a mascara.
And, well, really... that's all it is. 

It was little clumpy and difficult to work with, but does offer great lengthening abilities for your lashes (definitely not for volume though).
Take a look! But please try and ignore the horrendous state of my brows... I've been growing out my natural brow shape so that I can do a tutorial on how to shape brows (even a bushy unibrow like I have) so I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my new camera for filming so I can pluck these bad boys!!:

Your Left - with one coat of per-fekt lash perfection gel
Your Right - nothing on the lashes 

Your Left - one coat of per-fekt lash perfection gel with two coats of drugstore mascara on top
Your Right - two coats of drugstore mascara (originally reviewed and swatched here!)

To be honest, I really like the look that it gave my right eye (your left) lashes; the separation provided a dramatically natural (is that a thing?) look. However, this also created a lack of volume which was a big negative for me. My lashes are already pretty lengthy on their own and need more help with volume rather than length.
And, like I said before, this was pretty clumpy and difficult to work with so I'm not sure I can completely promote this product. 

Basically, if you're looking for length and separation and don't mind spending extra time working with this product then this may be something for you! It's just not what I personally look for in a lash product, and I hate any extra hassle in my mornings so I won't be purchasing the full sized version of this.

Have you tried the per-fekt lash perfection gel?
Do you love it? Hate it?
Do they make any other intriguing products?
This is the first thing from them that I've tried!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Did it improve the condition of your lashes or anything? I'm currently trying to grow mine back after wearing false eyelashes too much! :(


    1. To be completely honest I've only used this for about a week and I haven't noticed anything :/ And the product itself is realllllllly tacky so getting it off at night is difficult, causing the need to tug on your lashes with remover to really get it off so I can't imagine that's good if you are trying to grow yours back :(
      I wish I knew some sort of miracle treatment for you!! And by the way, thank you for joining my blog! Glad to have you here :)



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