Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pretty In Peach

You guys have no idea how clever I felt when I thought of the title for this post; I LITERALLY ran to go write it down even though I was foaming at the mouth with toothpaste (I was brushing my teeth, if that wasn't self explanatory on its own).
Ahhh the things bloggers get excited over.

Anyways, I've got a post devoted to all things peach related today!! Peach scented products and peach colored palettes abound because for some reason I just can't get enough of them on my face recently (I even went crazy and bought some peaches to eat recently... note to self/anyone: peaches are not good at this time of year no matter how badly you want them to be)!

Take the jump if you want to see my peachy product picks for this (Winter-like) Spring!

First off, I've got a little 'disclaimer':
I don't think there's necessarily one color that can be defined as 'peach'; since the actual fruit itself is a gradient of pinks and pink-oranges (even maroons!), I figured I should try to include a similar spectrum in my products.

I tried to grab pinks and pink-oranges for each product category so hopefully you can find a peach product to whet your palette (SEE THE DOUBLE ALLUSION I JUST CREATED??? So. Proud.) down below :)

I hear quite often that a lot of girls think they can't wear pinks on their eyes (at least not for an everyday sort of look). This is such an insane falsehood in my mind, though that may stem from the fact that I used a palette of pinks and purples throughout high school and turned out just fine (though I suppose that's up for interpretation).

Estee Lauder's Double Wear ShadowCreme in "Pink Blush" is SUCH a lovely, nearly sheer shade of light pink that creates the perfect base for whatever peach or pink shadows you may choose to use that day. So, to top off this pink base, I just had to throw a golden peach eyeshadow into this post since I think they are some of the prettiest and most universally flattering shadows around. The left eyelid color in the Wet n Wild "Comfort Zone" palette is absolutely gorgeous regardless of whether I'm using it as a lid shade or inner corner highlight.

Combining these two shadows on the lid creates a very easy peach look without being over the top and has been a staple in my everyday makeup this past peach-crazed month I've been living in.

Oh peachy-pink blushes, how I adore thee. 
Flattering on everyone, available in countless shades and finishes, and filling drugstore and high end shelves aplenty... you win all of the money. Literally. Pretty sure there's a reason brands gravitate towards making every peachy-pink shade of blush possible; money talks and mine tends to scream "BUY ALL OF THE MAKEUP".

I have a slew of peachy-pink blushes that I could have shared with you all today but since I've already done full reviews of the infamous NARS "Orgasm" and the Balm's "HOT MAMA!" I figured I should (and could) show you something new.

(L-R) Rimmel LONDON "Pink Rose", Forever21 (unnamed, I'm sorry!!), tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush "blissful"

Both the Rimmel and Forever21 blushes give a wonderfully natural glow to the cheeks and, for being such insanely cheap blushes, are extremely pigmented and last a good 6+ hours on my face. 
Tarte's "blissful" on the other-hand is an absolute staple in my makeup arsenal (if I could only own one blush this would probably be it); it was the first blush I ever purchased and is still going strong. This is just one of those products that you can slap on your face in the morning without worrying if it'll match your outfit/lipstick/etc when you run out the door and for that I am forever grateful (as is my work and class attendance records).

I had a tough time picking out lip products for this post (since my lipstick/gloss/butter/etc collection is slightly out of hand) so I went with ones that actually have "peach" in the name as well as some standby favorites of mine. 

 (L-R) Wet n Wild "Think Pink", Revlon Lip Butter "Peach Parfait", Maybelline Baby Lips "Peach Kiss", Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss "Peony"

"Think Pink" is the newest addition to my Wet n Wild lipstick hoard collection and performs identically to its brethren of the same line; it's a very pretty yellow-toned baby pink that is creamy, matte, and long lasting on the lips. 

Revlon's "Peach Parfait" has become an absolute favorite of mine since acquiring it way back in the day. It has a wonderfully glossy and moisturizing formula that makes your lips look polished (and never overdone) for day time. I love to layer Revlon's "Peony" lipgloss on top of "Peach Parfait" for a quick and easy day to night transition; it adds an extra peachy tint and golden sparkle to the lips that's quite stunning!

Last but not least we have Maybelline's "Peach Kiss". I haven't tried any of the other Baby Lips but this one in particular definitely lives up to the hype that this line of lightly tinted chapsticks receives. It provides long lasting moisture, smells amazing (think peach fruit snacks), and adds a sheer touch of peachy-orange to the lips that's extremely easy to slap on while you're running to the train in the morning (or strolling to your preferred method of transportation for those of you who can manage time better than I can).

 This look: Estee Lauder "Pink Blush" on the lids, Wet n Wild "Comfort Zone" left eyelid shadow in inner corners of the eyes, tarte "blissful" on the cheeks, Maybelline "Peach Kiss" on the lips.

And here are the products in action folks! 
I obviously used some products that weren't mentioned above (like the eyeshadow "clay" from my stila "in the know" palette as well as the stila smudge stick in "halfmoon" from the same palette) but overall I think you get the idea how lovely (if you'll allow me to be slightly narcissistic for a moment) an overall peachy-pink look can be on the face!

Have you embraced peachy colors this spring?
Love 'em? Hate 'em?
What color have you been gravitating towards in your makeup lately?
Do share!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Such a pretty post! I also want girls to be less afraid of pinks on the eyes! They look super lovely, especially peachy pinks xx

    1. Thanks Coco!! And yes, I definitely agree!

  2. So pretty! I especially love the blushes! Peachy blushes are so fresh and nice...*drools over Tarte blush*

    1. I'm definitely obsessed with these kinds of blushes... I have way too many (and can't stop buying more) haha.

  3. Mmmm, I want some peaches now! I never knew girls were afraid of pinks! I thought it was just reds and blues and purples and greens and yellows *shrugs* haha I seriously LOVE that Rimmel blush. Where did you get it? Because they don't sell any of the Rimmel blushes at my CVS ): And I love the "Pretty in Peach" name. I too have to write things down the second I think of them otherwise I will forget, hah! AND AND, I really love Peach Parfait, didn't know it had shimmers in it and now I want! Great post, Cassie! :) xx

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. Yes, I hear it from girls all the time that they think pinks on the eyes will make them look diseased (i.e. pink eye)!! I got the Rimmel blush at Target awhile back (I'm not positive but I'm thinking maybe a year ago?). GO GET PEACH PARFAIT!!! It is seriously a favorite of mine at the moment... so easy to slap on and go! Thanks Jess :D

  4. Love peachy/pinky colours in makeup, they make me swoon!

    Another peachy keen (see what I did there ;)) product is The Body Shop's Peach Body Butter, it smells like heaven that lives inside a giant peach in the sky. Recently bought it and I'm in love.

    Blindly Beautiful

    1. Hehe I see what you did there ;) And yum, that sounds fantastic. I'll definitely give it a whiff sometime soon!!

  5. Love Revlon lip products so much!
    .Georgina Clare.

  6. I love that cream shadow from Estee Lauder and Tarte Blissful! They look soooo pretty! xx

    1. They're even prettier in real life Marie!! :)

  7. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

    1. Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed!

  8. I'm a huge sucker for anything peachy as well, so I loved this post! I've thought about getting another Tarte blush (I have one in Exposed) but I have so many peach blushes it's actually ridiculous. That Estee Lauder cream eyeshadow looks so pretty! I don't tend to wear pink eyeshadows because I think they generally look better on fairer skin tones - Urban Decay Toasted is probably the pinkest I'll go (and it's not even distinctly pink). Peach Parfait is a favourite of mine too, though I wish the glitter was toned down a notch.

    Also, thank you so much for your sweet shoutout in your latest haul video! I only noticed it from the referral links on Blogger - but you have such a vivacious and natural manner in front of the camera that your videos are so fun to watch :) Glad you like Get Your Number ;)

    1. Haha I know it really is a dilemma when you want to buy something yet you know that you already have a ridiculous amount of pretty much the exact same things at home... I don't know why but this really does seem to be a widespread problem for makeup lovers!! :p And definitely try out some pink eyeshadows!! I know it can be a bit daunting because some pink shadows really can go terribly wrong depending on your skin tone but I think if you find the right one it can be SO pretty :)

      Absolutely!! I never mind pimping other people's blogs when I truly love them and yours happens to be one of those blogs! Glad to hear you got a few referrals from my YouTube video because you deserve it ^__^


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