Monday, October 1, 2012

Small (But Lovely) Ulta Haul!

To celebrate my living in Boston for a month and being extremely good about frivolous purchases, I decided to treat myself to a small shopping spree at Ulta!! A new Ulta just opened really close to my apartment so they had tons of deals and coupon offers going on (plus I had some rewards points to use!); I got all this for $15 and some change so take the jump with me to celebrate!

butterLONDON "Toff", Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue", Revlon "Fashionista"

First up I want to share show-off the nail polishes that I picked up; two of which were planned purchases and the third an extra treat! 

Let me just be blunt on the reason why I wanted the butterLONDON "Toff" so badly: I am a HUGE fanatic of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Yes, the cartoon. It is one of the most hilarious, mature, and well developed shows to come out of America in a looooong time. Everything about it is so witty and smart, including one of the main characters whose name is (can you guess it?): Toph. I know they're spelled different, but come onnnnnnnnn at least they're pronounced the same and the color is lovely so I don't care either way!
Next up is the oh so famous as of lately "Pacific Blue" from Sally Hansen. I wasn't sure how jazzed I was about the color until I saw it on my nails; yup, that's right, I bought it even though I didn't care for it in the store. Peer pressure gets to me sometimes, okay? Especially when I feel like a cool kid since this was the last one they had and it was in the wrong slot so I felt destined to have found it... expect a NOTD on this one very soon :)
Last but not least was the random polish that I had no intentions of buying but had to snatch it up when I saw it! I've always wanted to get my hands on O.P.I.'s "Ski Teal We Drop" but could never find the darn thing so when I saw this in the store I was fairly positive I found a dupe. I won't ever be able to prove this since I'll never own "Ski Teal We Drop" but ehhhhh; this is just a beautiful rich teal color perfect for the gloomy pre-fall weather we've been having.

Revlon Lip Butter "Peach Parfait" & Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss "Peony"

For whatever reason, I've been loving lipglosses this fall so when I saw this Revlon gloss radiating the alluring NARS' "Orgasm" vibe (I love the thought of it, but actually don't care for the blush; please don't stone me in public [or private, for that matter]) I knew this had to be mine. The fact that the lip butters were right next to these glosses was pure coincidence, unless Ulta somehow knew that when I see lip butters I can't not walk away with one in my hands those tricky bastar**.

Nothing new or surprising about the "Peach Parfait" lip butter; it's just as smooth, delicious, and sugary sweet smelling as all the others that I own.
However, I've never owned a Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss (or any lipgloss from Revlon, for that matter) so I was fairly shocked when I pulled out the wand to see a kind of doe foot applicator that I've never laid eyes on before! This one isn't the typical round and slanted kind, but rather a squished/flattened oval. Intriguing!! I have yet to put this on my lips, but we'll see how it works compared to a normal gloss applicator.

Left - Revlon Lip Butter "Peach Parfait", Right - Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss "Peony"

I thought that these two lip products would be almost identical in color and sparkle but boy was I pleasantly wrong (you won't hear me say that often, so cherish it)! They are of a similar nature but two very different products. "Peach Parfait" is much more mauve with a glossier finish than "Peony" (which is kind of hilarious, you have to admit, since "Peony" is a lip GLOSS) while "Peony" is a true peach/apricot with golden flecks laced throughout it. 
I'm excited to try both of these on the lips and, dare I say, TOGETHER on the lips??? Oh yeah, I'd go there.

If you want to see how I did my nails, check out this blog post of mine!

Not much to say on this hand lotion other than it's AMAZING. I honestly can't think of any other word to describe it; it's been a favorite of mine since waaaaay back in the day when my mom popped one of these little guys in my Christmas stocking (my mom has a serious talent for stuffing stockings with the most worthlessly useful things you could ever imagine). Since then I can't go anywhere without one of these in my purse and, since one of the security guys at the airport this summer confiscated my last one without my knowledge (it was in a baggie and everything!!), I finally got myself a new one of these beauties.
If you haven't taken a whiff of this lotion you MUST. It smells sweet, fresh, and delicious. Not to mention this leaves your hands feeling as soft as cashmere.

I don't have anything to say about this hair treatment yet other than the fact that I am SO excited to try it out!!
Months and months ago when I first started looking into hair treatments, this one kept coming up as a miracle cream for your hair. My hair type is absolutely the kind that never seems to grow past a certain length so I'm hoping that all of the rave reviews this product received were on the money and my locks will be luscious in the near-ish future!

Aaaaaaaand of course I had to end things with a little Galileo photo dump. He really does get peeved when I'm giving my full attention to things other than him haha.

Have you hauled anything lately?
Given into the hype of the Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue" polish?
Tried the Lee Stafford hair treatment?
Do tell!!! :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I also own half of your haul..butter nail paints are my favourite :)

  2. Great haul! Revlon lip products are so excellent and Peach Parfait is one of my favourites! And your kitty is super cute :)


  3. I wish we had that store here :( Please check out my style blog as well!

  4. Nav: Haha glad to hear I'm not the only one hoarding these things!! And yes, butterLONDON polishes are fantastic!!

    Jen: Thank you!! Yeah, I really love Revlon lip products as well... I'm more than addicted to their lip butters (I don't understand how some people don't like them!!!).

    FamelsFickleFood: Oh no, sorry to hear you don't have an Ulta!! You can find a lot of this stuff in normal drug stores too though, thankfully :)

  5. Love these items! Definitely going to try the Butter nail polishes when I get the chance! Love your blog (:


  6. intermsof: Yes, do try the butterLONDON polishes; they're pretty much perfect in every way except the price tag haha. And thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my blog I really appreciate it :)

  7. first of all, that butter polish is gorgeous. second of all, YOUR CAT IS ADORABLE!!! I think I love him x

  8. Charlotte: Haha, thank you!! I agree with you on both counts; can't wait to paint my nails with "Toff" and I love my baby Galileo! :3

  9. Sim: Thank you, it really is a lovely polish and color!!


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