Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue"

As I have mentioned many times in previous posts, I often succumb to peer pressure (though admittedly, I am usually just using peer pressure as an excuse to buy or wear something). With so many beauty bloggers and Youtubers going on lately about Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue" nail polish, plus the fact that Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear polishes are some of my favorite formulas (up there is butterLONDON), I just couldn't help it. I held out my hand to shake peer pressure's mitt and in return he painted my nails this beautifully indescribable color (and also impossible to photograph).

Take the jump to see more photos and get an idea of how gorgeous of a polish this is (and, of course, to give yourself one more reason to buy yourself a bottle)!

You can probably tell that "Pacific Blue" is a real color shifter... but in the most beautiful way!
In some lights it's a rich cornflower blue, in others it's a periwinkle purple, heck sometimes it even looks like just a plain old blue. However, in its truest and most common nature, it is a vibrantly deep blue jay feather (check here for a google reference) with a dominant violet undertone.

The photos below with the polish up against different fabrics shows it much more closely in its true color:

I hope this post may have helped to persuade you to pick up this polish; it really is unlike any blue I have ever seen before (and, being a painter, that's a pretty hard claim for me to make!) and perks up my mood just by looking at it. 
Plus I get LOADS of compliments on this polish, so if you're the type of person who digs for compliments all the time then this is sure to bring them to you ;)

 I had to sneak in a picture of Galileo snoozin' the other day... can you blame me???

Have you been swooning over this polish as much as I was/still am?
Have you seen Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue" in person?
Already have it and love it (I can't fathom anyone hating it!)?
Do share!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. OMG! I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!! Galileo is SO cute!! and that nailpolish color is just stunning! i'm not a big blue nails type of person (although my sister always tries to get me to try it) and after seeing this post, I think I might go for it!

  2. btw, i like you hungry fish game on the side haha :)

  3. Lucy: Hahah, isn't that hungry fish thing great!?!? I saw it on someone else's blog and after realizing I had been feeding those stupid fish for about 15 minutes I figured I should probably get one of my own. And thank you, I'll give Galileo a great big hug for you and tell him how cute he is (even though I do that plenty already heheh...). Please try out this polish, it'll change your life!! Blue nails are actually a lot more wearable than they seem (I used to be the same way you are!)!!

  4. What a cool color! I"ll have to try it out.
    The Chicagoenne

  5. Isabelle: Do try it out, it's fantastic and such a unique color!! :)

  6. 2nd post I see with this polish and I'm jelly! I been trying to get my hands on this baby :3

    and your cat is adorbs!


  7. jazzy beaar: Yes, the beauty community is going kind of nuts about this polish and there is definitely a reason why... it's gorgeous!! Do snatch it up if you happen to see it in stores :)

  8. una laca de uñas ideall!!

    pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo outfit

  9. Rocio: I don't speak whatever language it is that you wrote in, sorry :( But thank you for taking the time to comment, whatever it was!!

  10. Lovely review!

  11. Ooh I have the Sally Hansen polish in mint green and I love it!

    XO Jill


  12. Anita: Thank you!

    Jill: I saw that one in the store and it looked a lot like my Revlon "Minted" nail polish (which I also love!!)!

  13. Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear nail polishes are my favorite ever! I'm currently wearing "Blue It." This shade is really pretty too! I might just get it :)


  14. champagnediamond: Isn't it great!? :)

    Analisa: They're some of my favorites, too!! They really are some of the best polishes out there even though they're from the drugstore :) Go grab yourself this one, I bet you'd LOVE it!

    davie+erica: Thank you!

  15. I ADORE the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear collection. I have so many of them but haven't seen this shade yet. Currently I'm wearing Red Carpet on my nails!

    Your cat is so cute!

  16. half a teaspoon anna: I agree, this line of polishes is really great in color selection and in quality. Definitely try and get your hands on this one... I see it at Ulta all the time!! :) And thank you!


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