Friday, October 5, 2012

NOTD: butterLONDON "Wallis"

I have a job interview this afternoon (wish me luck!!) so I figured it would be a good idea to take off my slightly chipped "Pacific Blue" polish (from my last post) and slap on a jazzy, fresh coat of polish! This is one of my favorite polishes to date when I'm looking for something that packs a punch; butterLONDON's "Wallis" doesn't disappoint in any way shape or form.

Take the jump for more photos (and, of course, a bit of babble)!!

Wallis, in it's truest of forms, is a pea soup/olive green polish with golden microshimmer glitter laced throughout the entirety of the polish. This allows it to shift with the light, but always looks stunning no matter how much or how little light hits your nails.

As with all butterLONDON polishes, Wallis is opaque in just two coats and dries relatively quickly; I love that I never really have to wait after applying the first coat before applying the second (to avoid bubbling of the polish). These polishes are always "wham-bam-thank you m'aam" when it comes to application, finish, and quality. 
I really can't rave about them enough and hope that this little pop of excitement on my nails will help the interviewers to remember me in a fabulously polished (see what I did there?) way!

Do you have a go-to polish for interviews?
A favorite color by butterLONDON?
A color you're currently coveting?
Do share!! :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. good luck on your interviews! i know youll blow the interviewers away! omg wallis is my FAVORITE butter london color! i had it on a few days ago and just recently took it off. it's seriously so flattering on all skintones! and glad you were a britney spears all the way kind of girl! she was way better than those boy bands! ;)

  2. Waaaw! This nailpolish is really gorgeous! :)
    You have beautiful nails!


  3. Lucy: Haha, I agree!! Britney beat those boys on all counts... girl power! :) And thank you, I hope I did okay! I can never tell what they interviewers are thinking during the interview and I get so nervous and think too much yarrrrrg. Hopefully this polish helped, I'm glad you love it as much as I do hehe :p

  4. Dust and Swallow: Aw, thank you!! And yes, this polish is fantastic; you should grab yourself a bottle if you ever get the chance :)

  5. good luck for your interview! I love the colour of your nail, chic <3

  6. what an amazing color! love it!
    followed ya :D hope you'll follow back ;)

  7. In love with this polish nail :) what do you think of following each other on GFC ? let me know

    Much of love,


  8. Rin: Thank you!! I hope it went well too... it's so hard to tell! And yes, isn't this polish great?? Grab yourself a bottle if you get the chance :D

    Haruhiism: Thank you, it really is a stunner! And thanks for following my blog!! I hope you continue to enjoy my posts :)

    carolina: Isn't it great? It's one of my favorites for a reason! :)


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