Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/09 OOTD

So I know I just started a new series on YouTube of OOTW's (here's the link if you want to watch it!), but since this week is a short one (thanks for doing basically nothing innovative or new but somehow getting recognized in the future and receiving your own holiday; you're on the same level as Martin Luther King Jr. and you never even stepped foot on N. American land! Congrats player!!) I wanted to upload OOTD's here like before :)

Take the jump for my usual babble and outfit photos/details!

Lips - MAC "Taupe"
Dangling Star Earrings - Forever21 + D.I.Y.
Fluorescent Red-Orange Cable-knit Sweater - Thrifted
Paneled Bodycon Skirt - H&M
Grey/Brown Sheer Tights - Mom (I'm sure she got them at Walgreens or Target)
Knee-high Lace-up Boots - Gift (Steve Madden) 

Sorry some (most) of the of the photos are in black and white... it was either that or be subjected to using the dreaded flash *shudder* (or should I say, *shuTTer* heheheh... I'm always rolling in the puns, I know). Before I left for the train this morning it was really dark and pre-storm looking outside and then I didn't get home until past dark so I had no natural light to work with :( 
My sweater is offensively bright though, so maybe it's better this way haha.

I've got a fun story for you all today though:
I ride a shuttle down to the train, so it's basically just a big passenger van where you share one long seat with three people. This normally isn't a problem; a little squished, but no big deal. However, this morning was very special. When the guy coming to sit down next to me finally crawled over to the end of the seat, he said "Oops, I'm sorry" to me. I figured he just bumped into me when trying to sit down, so I said with a smile "Oh, no problem". But then a very distinct odor snuck up into my nostrils... 
This man hadn't apologized because he bumped into me, he apologized BECAUSE HE FARTED ON ME.

Uuuuuuuugh, so that was a brilliant start to my day. Thankfully it ended with a pumpkin spice latte (one of the only things I accept paying an idiotic amount of money for at Starbucks) so I guess I'll let it slide (hehe that's pretty punny too, if you think about it... you know, because he let one slide on me this morning? Get it? GET IT??? It's been a long day, don't mind me...).
Plus Galileo snuggled with me while I was taking these pictures since I had been gone for two hours longer than normal today (13 hours instead of 11):

Aaaaaaand this is where he's purring away as I type this post; it feels good to be loved :)

How is everyone else doing this week?
Have you ever been farted on?
Have a cuddle bug that you love coming home to?
Do tell!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. cute post.
    great blog!
    wanna follow each other???
    Join my CHANEL GIVEAWAY!!!

  2. Despina: Thank you; feel free to follow if you'd like :)

    MarieAntoinette: Oh wow, what a coincidence! I really love it and glad it hardly cost me anything (I think it was three or four dollars?)!!


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