Tuesday, October 30, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caress Lipstick (Round Two!): Swatches + Review!!

Earlier this summer I posted an entry on my first two L'Oreal Colour Riche Caress Lipsticks and blathered on about my love for them. I even included one of them in my top beauty picks of October!!
Anywhew, I finally got around to picking up a couple more of these lovely lippies and wanted to share them with you today! So take the jump below for full details :)

Yeah, the Blushing Sequin that I grabbed was damaged *sob*; I hate it when that happens!!

The two shades I picked up this time around were in the pink family rather than the nude/brown category like my last two (Sheer Linen and Silky Java). Blushing Sequin is a gorgeous fuschia/hot berry and Merino Mauve is a very milky baby pink mauve.

Both of these prove to have the same excellent formula as my previous two Colour Riche Caress Lipsticks; they glide across your lips with ease and feel as though they are melting on your lips during application. No worries though!! They aren't actually melting, they're just THAT smooth.  

(L-R) Blushing Sequin & Merino Mauve 

I had been eyeing up Blushing Sequin for quite some time now but picked up Merino Mauve on an absolute, complete, and utter whim. I'm not too jazzed with the latter impulse buy but it's not the worst decision I've ever made either; I'm hoping it'll look a bit nicer on me when my skin gets slightly paler in the coming winter months.

Blushing Sequin

 Merino Mauve

Now that I look at it, Merino Mauve is actually very similar on my lips to Sheer Linen except it has a pink undertone rather than brown/toffee. It's also slightly more sheer than its fellow brethren but I think on lips that are less pigmented than mine this wouldn't prove to be a problem. It's not horrific on me, I just think this would suit paler skin colors better than my own.
Blushing Sequin, on the other hand, is a true stunner that I could see working on absolutely any skin color. I can't wait to wear it out and turn some heads!!

Have you tried out the L'Oreal Colour Riche Caress Lipsticks?
Love 'em? Leave 'em?
Any other colors that I need to get my hands on?
Do share (I love an excuse to spend my money)!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. They both are gorgeous colours, I especially love the darker pink! xo.

  2. The purple one looks scary in the tube but so pretty on. The finishes are lovely x

  3. I love how Blushing Sequin looks. I haven't tried them yet but I always want to grab one because of the cute packaging. xx

  4. I have tried the lipstick..and I love it soo much! It is so creamy and smooth on my lips,it has become one of my fav.
    Loving the purple one,I am so pale so it may look good on me:)


  5. Catherine: Thank you!! You would look fantastic with Blushing Sequin on :)

    Megan: I know, right?? Sometimes the most shocking lipsticks in the tube actually look quite pretty on the lips :)

    Coco: You should definitely pick one up, especially if you've been eyeing them in the store!! They are very lovely for a drugstore lipstick; hydrating and very pigmented for the most part!!

    Littlemisschinagirl: I'm glad to hear you love it too!! And yes, if you are quite pale I bet Merino Mauve would look gorgeous on you :)

  6. Your blog is so fun!


  7. I have not worn lipstick in eons, but I totally want to try Blushing Sequin now. It looks so good on you!

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  9. Those colours are gorgeous! I want the Merino Mauve coloured lipstick! It's pretty, girly but natural looking at the same time! :)


  10. Rubies and Emeralds: Thank you!!

    nancyworegreenstockings: Aw thank you!! I'm glad I could (hopefully) inspire you to slap on some lipstick again :) These are so great because it'll feel like you're applying Vaseline so it won't feel too different from your daily lip moisturizer :)

    Concepcion Dow: I... don't understand? Haha I think you may have been thinking you were posting on someone else's blog or... I really don't understand. Sorry!!

    kirstyb: They really are!!

    Laura: Thank you!! I actually wore Merino Mauve today and enjoyed it; made me feel really girly and young for some reason hehe :) Definitely pick one up the next time you're in a drugstore!!

  11. I would have expected the color to be a little more dense (if that makes sense), but they are still quite pretty!

    <3 Melissa

  12. I love the darker pink - it looks sooo great :) I'm putting it on my shopping list!

  13. Melissa: It definitely makes sense if you were only looking at the name of these 'lipsticks'; it's misleading!! I'm kind of a beauty fanatic though and knew going into my purchases that these were aiming to be a mix between a lipstick and a lipbalm :) But thanks, they really are beautiful!!

    Lacey: Thank you!! Glad I could help add something to your shopping list hehe ;)

  14. wow , simply amazing ,
    the two colors are lushes on your lips.
    amazing .

    am officially following you , hope you follow back please !!


  15. Wow these are both gorgeous wearable shades:) I may have to pick them up for myself xxx

  16. N@NY: Aw, thank you so much!!! I'm glad you like them and I'm so happy to have you as a follower :)

    LauraMck: Thank you, I think so too!! Definitely give throw them in your basket the next time you're at the drug store ;)


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