Sunday, July 8, 2012

L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick: Swatches and Review

Let me start off by saying: I NEED MORE OF THESE.
I was a doof and only got two shades suited to be "my lips but better" shades since that's what I wear most often. But now that I've slathered these on my lips... Oh baby, I need to get some crazier shades to add to this collection!

I'm a big fan of L'Oreal lip products; while most girls gravitate towards Revlon, I'm definitely a L'Oreal girl. They tend to provide more pigmentation and last longer which are the two things I want out of a lipstick (especially when I'm paying good money for them!).

Jump for the swatches and review!!

I have to be honest though, the packaging of these are a huuuuuge drawback on L'Oreal's part. They remind me of Wet 'N Wild lipsticks where, when you first purchase them, the product sticks up out of the tube even when it's twisted all the way to the bottom. This means that you have to be EXTREMELY careful putting the cap back onto the lipstick since it'll hit the sides of it and break off/smudge into the tube leaving you with a messy mess (redundant? Oh well...).
Also, the packaging is made of a cheap gold plastic. You can even see in these beginning photos that fingerprints end up covering the case. It reminds me of when you buy your ipod and are in love with the shiny metal back, then months later it's all scratched up and just looks suuuuuper janky. Can you relate?


(L-R) Silky Java & Sheer Linen

Like I said earlier, these are definitely MLBB shades. Silky Java is a rosy/mauve/brown nude and Sheer Linen is a brown/pink nude.
But what's best about these is the application and wear. They glide on like absolute BUTTER and feel so lightweight and barely there on the lips after about 15-20 minutes. But while the slick butter texture sinks into your lips, so does the color. This means that you are left with a gorgeous stain that lasts for hours.
The L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipsticks are such a fantastic blend of a lipstick and lipgloss, I can't even begin to describe how lovely they are. Their hybrid formula gives the pigmentation of a lipstick but also provides a glossy finish so you won't feel the need to put a gloss over the top of these.

Sheer Linen

Silky Java

Isn't the finish on these gorgeous!?! Great pigmentation and such a soft, pretty gloss; I'm in love!
Which shades should I pick up next? I definitely want need more!!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. You should get Violet Chiffon if you want to be really daring. Since you have light skin, it could end up like this:

    Great swatches. I def need to get sheer linen but its been out of stock for awhile now at the Target near me. :(

  2. Trisha: Thank you!! And wow, yes, I really need to go check out Violet Chiffon so thank you for the recommendation! I hope you can get your hands on Sheer Linen soon; it really is a lovely color! Have you tried checking stores other than Target? Like Walmart or Walgreens or CVS...?


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