Tuesday, July 24, 2012

butter LONDON: Bossy Boots

Hi gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz.
Quick little post on my nail polish to go with my OOTD!

butter LONDON - Bossy Boots

This polish is a little hard to photograph, but I think I got it fairly accurately. Bossy Boots is the color of a pistachio. Literally. It's a yellow-based pale green (a nice change from the typical blue-based mints we've been seeing since Spring time) nearly identical to the green part of a pistachio nut. Yummy right?
What's even more yummy is the polish itself. This is the first butter LONDON polish that I've ever owned and I couldn't be more pleased. While the price is overwhelming, so is the quality of this polish. This goes on true to name: like butter. It's so smooth and creamy, plus this was nearly opaque with just one coat (which is hard to achieve in pastel polishes).

I can't rave this polish enough!!

Do you own any butter LONDON polishes?
Which color(s) should I get next??

xoxo - Cassie


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