Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneak Peek...

So my thrifting video from Tuesday has been loading onto Youtube for about 20 hours now (how sick is that?) and has 633 minutes to go (is that even more sick?)!! So stay tuned, it should be up around the wee hours of the morning tomorrow.

Here's a sneak peek of what I hauled...

 Michael Kors Halter Tank - $1.50
Pillsbury Doughboy Polo - $1.50
Hawaii Graphic Tank - $1.50
Black and Metallic Turtle Neck Tank - $1.50
Deep Wine/Berry/Maroon Corduroy Jeans - $4.99
Plaid Velvet Collar Dress - $1.50
Abstract Floral Blouse - $1.50
Periwinkle Vertical Stripe Button Up - $1.50
Blue Plaid Flannel Dress - $1.50
Exotic Marine Fishes - $3.99
Monet's Years at Giverny - $4.99
Journey Into China - $1.50
Wild, Wild World of Animals: The Cats - $1.50

I'm so thrilled with everything I got, but I was especially jazzed with the books I picked up. Each one of them is more than just a picture book; they all combine history and science with the pictures so not only can you drool over the gorgeous photographs and prints but you can learn a lot while doing it (just don't drool too much... you'll ruin the books!)!!

Each page of the fish book features a color photo of a fish, along with a detailed description about them. I love using these types of things as inspiration for color palettes in my paintings... no one does it better than Mother Nature!

The first section of the Monet book details his time at Giverny, along with B&W photos of him there and his surroundings.

 And the rest of the book features, in color, the paintings he did while he was there (and as a girl with her B.A. in Studio Art and is on her way to getting her Masters in drawing/painting, you KNOW I'm a lover of Monet and his lilies).

This book on China is BEAUTIFUL; I mention it in the haul video so I won't go too in depth here, but I have been an avid student of all things Asia since I fell in love with Sailor Moon as an early teenager so this is a wonderful addition to my collection (that's National Geographic for you)!

I am a cat lover, so this was no surprise purchase either. While I don't ever plan on adopting a wild cat (my domestic Siberian will do just fine, thank you), I still love to learn about them... I mean, did you know that Tigers were the only cat that likes to swim? You learn something new every day :)

And that's it! Like I said in my last post, I also got a lamp and lamp shade but I'm sure you'll see that after I move into my new place and have it displayed properly.
Happy Haulin'!
I'll post the video tomorrow once it's uploaded :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. oo, 20 hours?! That's way too long ><
    Im still amazed at your thrift finds ! I NEVER get anything as awesome as you! I'm quite tempted to have myself secretly shipped over to Goodwill and other vintagey-goodness stores .. just to thrift :P

  2. Pahahaha I'm sure that could be arranged... If I can fit in a suitcase (which I can... ohhhh drunken college nights will lead you to these discoveries), I'm sure you can!!
    And yeah, Youtube load times are horrific!! But it's down to 120 minutes... only two more hours, whoo-hoo!! Thank goodness I can just leave my computer on and don't have to sit here the whole time!


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