Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/21 OOTD & Batman Babble

In typical Cassie-fashion, here's an OOTD the day after I wore it.

Yeahhhhhh pissed off fashion model pose/face!! Bam!

I went to see the new Batman movie yesterday and all I have to say is LKAJFLJIODOJFWONDKJLSDJFEI.
Just blew your mind with accuracy, didn't I?

Speckle Top - Forever21
Braided Belt - Urban Outfitters (Sale)
Bright Red-Orange Skirt - Goodwill
Kitty Ring - Ebay
Spiked Above the Knuckle Ring - Forever21

The main actors in the movie were just phenomenal (I think this is one of the only movies that I've actually liked Anne Hathaway in #pleasedon'thateme) and the three hours went by in an instant, it was just THAT entertaining.
And Bane?? Ohhhhhh-ho-ho-ho Bane; I don't think he was supposed to be sexy (what, with the 2012-version of Hannibal Lector's Mask and everything) but I was drooling every time he showed up on screen. While most girls say they like broad shoulders, arms, etc. in a man, I like voices.
I don't know what it is, but I just think a voice is SO sexy and Tom Hardy did so wonderfully with the mechanized voice + acting. Plus his shearling coat was THE SEXIEST article of clothing I've seen on a man in a long time. 
That popped collar? 

Black Studded Flats (told you to get used to 'em) - Thrifted
Rhinestone Butterfly/Flower (I can't decide what it is) Hair Clip - Target? I think? I've had it since about the fourth grade haha

Overall I had SUCH a great time this weekend spending time with two of my closest friends (since sixth grade!! We're still going strong after all these years) and I'm going to miss them dearly once I move.
Thank goodness for Skype/Facetime and modern technology in general, right?

Men's Prescription Glasses - Pearle Vision (Giorgio Armani)
Lips - L'Oreal Sheer Linen (hauled and swatched here)

I'm hoping to finish mosaic-ing my dresser today (for the most part, anyways... don't want to set my self-standards TOO high) and tomorrow I start the dreaded PACKING OF MY LIFE. 
So much to sort and go through (and tuck away once again).

How was your weekend?
Am I the only one who thought Bane was a sexy MOFO?

xoxo - Cassie


  1. lovely outfit, really suits your figure!!!
    those glasses are amazing too!

    much love xxxxx

    1. T_____T you're too kind, really I'm weeping (on the inside, but it still counts...).
      And by the way, I just scrolled through a bit of your blog and I must say: you are gorgeous!!! Dang, girl!


  2. You're really pretty, and you have a gorgeous figure!

  3. Nkechi: Aw, wow, thank you so much T__T Very nice of you to leave such a kind comment and thank you for following my blog... I hope you continue to enjoy my posts!!


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