Monday, July 16, 2012

D.I.Y. Bracelets

Three posts in one day?
Ahhhhh~ feels good to be alive (please don't judge me too much).

I saw these bracelets on Etsy (link to seller here) and wanted them so badly but, like most Etsy shops, the prices were JACKED. UP. 
There was no way I was able to justify spending $15-25+ on bracelets that I knew a.) I could make myself, and b.) I could get the materials for under those prices and make at least 4x the product.

So that's exactly what I did!!
I already had the bangles from high school prom (which I never wore after that), improvising a wood one for what was originally a bronze one from the Etsy shop; I'm actually really happy with the mixture of textures that the wood creates with the suede and copper wire!

I love the detail that the little engraved hearts give to the bottom bangle.

The only things I had to purchase were the copper jewelry wire ($3 for a huge roll from Michael's) and then the pastel suede lace (which I think came out to $8 for five different colors off of Ebay). 
All I had to do was super glue the suede to the bangles, wrap it around to the bangle's halfway point, then cover the ends of the suede with the overlapping copper wire; SO EASY PEASY FOR CHEAP BEAUTIFUL ARM CANDY LOVELINESS.

I also filmed another nail tutorial for this marbled watercolor look earlier today (stay tuned!)... I was pretty tickled when I realized I had used the same colors in both of my endeavors today, haha.

Have you done any fun D.I.Y.'s lately?
I'd love to see and be inspired!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I really like your nails! They look awesome!

    1. Thank you!! Like said, check back later this week for a Youtube tutorial on my nails :)

  2. I love them! I'm definitely going to have a go at making DIY bracelets with some rose-gold coloured wire!

    x Michelle |

    1. Yes, you absolutely should!! It's so fun and easy... plus, it's always great when wearing D.I.Y. stuff and someone asks where it's from and you can proudly say you made it yourself! ;)


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