Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Update(s)

This is probably the most craptastic photo in the history of... well, craptastic photos.
My apologies but all I had to work with was artificial lighting and the eerie green cast from the stormy skies outside.

I just felt like posting a little "in process" photo of some furniture that I'm revamping through mosaic! It's something new that I'm trying out for the first time this summer and, while I love the finished look of mosaiced pieces, I must admit that it is probably one of THE MOST BORING processes everrrrrrr.
Alas, my dresser needed a bit of pazazz and this double tiered end table (from Goodwill for $5!!!!) is obviously chipped around the rim so I'm just covering that up with some broken plates. Clearly the logical answer, no?

I hope all is well with you guys!
I just posted a new nail tutorial (that you got a sneak peek of here) on Youtube so check that out if you're interested/haven't had the chance:

 Now I'm uploading my "neutrals" video (that I talked about hurr) while I try and finish mosaicing the rims of this table! Soooo boring, but it has to get done before I load up my pods in a couple weeks for the move to Boston!

Thanks for reading~~

xoxo - Cassie


  1. MOSAIC-ING FURNITURE?! THAT SOUNDS SENSATIONAL! Better show us the finished product! :P

    1. Haha thanks Maria!! Yeah, it's a lot more sensational sounding than the process really is... it's slow and tedious and boring. But it'll be worth it (I hope)!
      And yes, I'll get the pictures up pronto once the pieces are done!! I just have one more dresser drawer to cover in mosaic and then I'll be able to go out and get some grout for the dresser and table :)) I'm getting there, slowly but surely!


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