Monday, July 9, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Swatches & Review

I've been feeling a little guilty lately... my blog's name implies that I would be focused on thrifting/fashion when, in reality, the majority of my posts are beauty related.
My only argument is that it's summer and if I don't have to put actual clothes on I won't haha. I am planning on going thrifting tomorrow though, so expect a "thrift with me/styling" video soon :)

Anyhew, onto the actual post.
While I fairly strongly dislike Revlon lipsticks, I'm pretty in love with their balm-esque (need I mention this post??) products.
Here's where these beauts come in: enter the Revlon balm stains.

Click below for the full review!

These are a lovely hybrid of, you guessed it, a balm and a stain. They glide on like a chapstick but, after a few hours of wear, lose their balmy feeling on the lips and are left as a lovely stain. This means that they aren't as pigmented as a lipstick but they last a heck of a lot longer than most of Revlon's lipsticks (in my humble opinion).

(L-R): Precious, Honey, Darling, Lovesick, Romantic

As you can see, these are in the form of a jumbo lip pencil (extremely comparable, if not identical, to the Tarte lip colors or the Clinique Chubby Sticks) which is extremely nostalgic for me... did anyone else used to color on their lips with Crayola markers pretending that they were lipsticks!? 
Maybe that was just me...

Here are the lovely swatches!:

(L-R): Precious, Honey, Darling, Lovesick, Romantic

The pencils apply nearly identically to their packaging color with only minor pigmentation loss due to them being a partial balm. 

My take on the colors?:

Precious: a warm toffee/caramel nude (the slight pink tinge is due to the pigmentation of my lips)

Honey: a soft rosy pink (definitely a MLBB shade)

Darling: an almost cotton-candy purple/lilac/mauve (haha, please leave a comment down below if you can think of a better description of this one)

Lovesick: a bright magenta/fucsia with blue (cool) undertones

Romantic: a cool toned orangey red

So there you have it!! These are my babies; I love the way they smell minty and feel cooling on the lips (VERY reminiscent of my beloved Burts Bees chapstick). Plus they keep 'em hydrated and looking lovely with just the slightest glossy finish.

Have you tried these? 
Any other shades I just HAVE to have?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. =O the swatches on your lips looks amazing, theyre all really pretty =O! Theyre such nice colours and your skin is so flawlessss <3

    1. Aw, thank you!!! Yeah, these balm stains are AMAZING, I can't help myself from wearing them almost everyday! Pick some up for yourself :)

      And no way, my skin is SO far from flawlass haha! But thank you, and thanks for taking the time to comment/check out my blog <3

  2. I love sweetheart (hot pink) and rendezvous (orangey) as well. Since this post have you collected anymore? I think I may have a problem here collecting them all and now the matte versions, yikes.... *googles closest walgreens*
    the unfortunate part is I don't think I can wait until they go on sale (I accept responsibility for this problem of mine) and they are $8.99 each here.

    1. Surprisingly enough I have only gotten one more of these and that's "Crush"; it's a beautiful dark/wine/berry/red color! Hahah I understand the need to get them all though… no need to feel bad about not waiting for a sale to do it either ;) Though Ulta pretty regularly does a BOGO 50% off deal so maybe check for that!


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