Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Lip Obsession

I'm sure by now, most of you are sick of seeing posts about Revlon Lip Butters. 
Honestly, I was pretty sick of them myself not too long ago to the point where I promised myself I would never buy one. But somehow one of these suckers found its way into my basket at Target... and then another... and another...

I just can't stop, okay!?
I mean really, lookit' these beauts!!:

Oh yeah...

Oh yeahhhhhh...

Ohoho yeahhhhhhhhh...

Alright, I'll stop. But seriously, these are yummy to almost all the senses:
-yummy packaging
-yummy application
-yummy smelling
-yummy tasting

I only have six (haha, yes, I'm saying only...) of these beauties but I feel like the color range I have is perfect.
Take the jump below to see them swatched in all their glory!!

I love that the label, case, and actual lip product are all matching in color; makes selection easy!

Onto the swatches!!

 040 Red Velvet

050 Berry Smoothie

075 Lollipop 

015 Tutti Frutti

065 Creamsicle
(Trust me, it's there... more on that later)

095 Creme Brulee 

There you have it, my six lip butters; I love all but one for different reasons. Red Velvet is great for a vampier look, Berry Smoothie is my absolute favorite (and the one I get complimented on constantly) as a natural lip enhancing color, Lollipop is a great pink for a cute touch of color, Tutti Frutti is a statement but since it's a sheer tint of orange it's perfect for an added quirk in your outfit, Creme Brulee is a perfect nude...
Everything I wanted Creamsicle to be (but it wasn't).

Left: Creamsicle, Right: Creme Brulee. See the difference?

On me, Creamsicle is terrifying. Essentially, I'll know what my lips will look like on my death bed when all of the blood has been sucked from my features (too much?). It really is almost IDENTICAL to my skin color which makes my lips look like they're not even there; creepy!! I thought it would be a cute pastel orangey-pink but NOPE. Not on this Italian girl.

But aside from that one rant, I really do love and endorse these as often as possible. They feel great in your hand and on your lips, can be built up for a more opaque color or applied sheer for a natural tint, look extremely chic (a grown-up version of Lip Smacker), and are just a great alternative for lipstick when you're not feeling like being super high-maintenance that day.

Here's some more beauty p0rn for your viewing pleasure:

Here you can see the flecks of sparkle that make some of these colors really shine (in Lollipop)!

If all of my fingers were replaced with Revlon Lip Butters, my art career would be 100x more challenging but I can't say I would be 100% disappointed.

Thanks so much for reading!!
Do you have any other colors that I should put at the top of my list to purchase next?

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I'm a self confessed lip product junkie ... it's a difficult place to be in - so many colours, so little time. I must say that I own, only 1 Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple, it was nice and all but I wasn't wowed by it. Maybe its because I really wanted Fig Jam instead ... But saying this makes me feel bad. I really should give Candy Apple a bit more luv now:(

    The packaging was nice but, I found the butter melted really easily so, it's now in my 'homemade lip palette' thing-a-me-bob. Yeah I know how could I throw such cute packaging away? Meh, I guess I'm just cruel ;)

    Your *prawn* pics really are something, I'm digging Red Velvet, like I never thought I would! Perhaps I'll revisit these butter once again :D

    1. I know, being a lip junkie really is tough!! I've got too many to count as well =__=; Seems to me that either people love these or are just 'meh' on them so I'm sorry to hear you're in the latter boat! Don't worry about it though, nothing to feel guilty over :) And oh no, I'm sorry it melted on you!! I have yet to experience that and hope it never happens... yikes! By the way, I have Fig Jam and can assure you it's all sorts of lovely ;)

  2. I stopped at 10, I hope. Pink Truffle is my perfect pink brown nude, something I never even knew I wanted.

    1. It's so hard to stop with these… it's a terrible addiction!! Makes you do the darndest things.


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