Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back From School Cosmetic Haul!

Summer has to be the best part of the year.
School is over, my birthday is right around the corner, and the sun lifts moods by shining bright... all reasons to justify a little retail shopping (therapy), right?

I think SO.

So I may have gone a little overboard with some cosmetic purchases but I have been eyeing these things for so long; every time I would take a break from writing a paper or reading a textbook I would drool all over my computer (which is probably what fried it at the end of the year) and leave me cursing my stranded life at school with no car.

I couldn't even fit all of the products in the frame...

Watch me ramble about most of the products here and here!!

Ready for some swatches!?
Take the jump below!!!

Look at how this just makes skin GLOW!

I can't hide it from anyone... I obsessed with coconut. Heck, I just got done eating (devouring) a slice of a coconut ice cream dessert that my mom made. So this purchase was no surprise: it's coconut body butter! And this doesn't disappoint; the smell is just enough without being overpowering (it almost leans more towards a vanilla scent rather than coconut) and hydrates skin extremely well. It looks and smells good enough to eat (but I'll refrain)!! You can buy this at Target in the new Boots section of the cosmetics aisles!

Try and tell me this isn't one of the most gorgeous tins of lip balm you ever did see (you're foolish and I won't believe you). I was so tickled when I saw this laying abandoned in a pile of underwear (I know, I don't get it either) at H&M. The premise of ginger in a lip balm terrified me... I'm not sure if anyone remembers when Altoids made ginger flavored mints (I almost puked when I tried one) but I was even more horrified that I was about to make a purchase that would only be used for aesthetic purposes than for practical use. However, this is such a lovely lip balm! It has a spiced vanilla scent (reminiscent of chai tea), goes on clear, and has virtually no taste.

The next part of the haul was actually a freebie... my (early) birthday present from Sephora! I was so excited knowing that these little guys awaited me at the cash register since I already own the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (in the bronze case above) in full size but I try not to use very often since it's so darn expensive (I think the full sizes retail at around $20-$22; ouch!). So this was really a birthday treat, especially since I've been loving tinted lip balms recently. This line of lip treatments smell so fantastic, almost like a lemon drop or a lemon poppyseed muffin. Either way they're delicious and while these aren't the most hydrating lip products the smell is almost enough of a reason to treat yourself to one.

Do I need more lip products? No. But I just HAD to see how these L'Oreal Colour Riche Balms compared to my beloved Revlon Lip Butters since the colors they offer are quite different from Revlon's. I was also curious since L'Oreal makes my favorite lipsticks. Verdict? Win for L'Oreal!!! These are nearly identical to the Revlon Lip Butters; a bit different in consistency (this is definitely more of a "balm" while Revlon's are more "buttery"... hooray for product title accuracy!) but still gorgeous color payoff and hydration. The color I picked up was Tender Mauve and while the picture is nearly a perfect color portrayal, it is a bit more purple in real life. This line provides many more nude-y pinks and purples than the Revlon Lip Butters so if you were sad that those "didn't exist", look no further!! L'Oreal will have your perfect color.

Sigh... another lip product. But again, I just HAD to have it!! These have been making their rounds in the blogosphere and I heard enough mixed reviews to need to decide for myself if these are a good product or not. I got the Maybelline Baby Lips in "Peach Kiss" and am pretty dang happy! This isn't the most revolutionary lip product I have tried, but for three bucks I'm not complaining! Peach Kiss, on me, is a very subtle peach with some shine to it. It also smells AMAAAAAAzing!! Tastes good too; very much like a fruit punch or cocktail. This is more of an oily lip product, one that sits on your lips rather than sinks in like a cream, so the claim of 8-hour moisture is absolutely a farce on Maybelline's behalf but, like said, this is a good product that I think would be flattering on many skin tones. 

Raspberry Truffle and Mystic Moss

I know I know, you're weeping, I have no more lip products to show you. But I have some other great stuff! These two E.L.F. eyeshadows were a BOGO deal online so I had to snatch them up! Raspberry Truffle, the red shade, and Mystic Moss, the teal shade, are both lovely colors and lovely products. I love E.L.F. eyeshadows (among other things of theirs). They are some of the softest and blend-able eyeshadows I've tried and, while EXTREMELY affordable (3 bucks a pop), are extremely versatile as well. They are so flattering and even the more "out there" shades like these are very wearable on the eyes. Raspberry truffles leans more on the brown side once applied and Mystic Moss is a great base color for a neutral eye with a twist. Plus, while an absolute rip-off of NARS, the packaging of E.L.F. products is so sleek and nice to hold; a real treat in your hand. I can't recommend E.L.F. eyeshadows enough!

                   Swatched in natural lighting           Swatched in natural shade (outdoors)

Up next is my controversial purchase... the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk. Why the controversy you may ask? Well, I already purchased a Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe when these first became super buzzed about. However, I was less than pleased... while it's a great primer, the color is just not flattering on me at all and it's a much dryer primer pot than other cream shadows I have. But I just loved the thought of this color as a base for shadows since the red would really make my green eyes pop. So I sucked it up and made the purchase... and I'm pretty pleased! Pomegranate Punk is VERY buttery (which you can see in the photo with my finger swatch) and is a truly unique color. I took a photo in the light and in partial shade so that you can see it has versatility; sometimes it looks like a red-brown, but other times it looks like a deep mauve. Wonderful! It can also be sheered out as well. This will look great with my Raspberry Truffle eyeshadow from E.L.F. (above)!

Lookit' these suckers. Beautiful! 
And BOGO free!?!? 
Even more gorgeous.

First I want to highlight (see what I did there? Punny) the Physician's Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in Beige Pearl. This is my first highlighter and I can tell you with confidence it will be the only one I ever purchase. While this comes in other colors for different skin tones, Beige Pearl is PERFECT for my coloring; if you have the same-ish color skin as me you HAVE to go out and buy this product! It gives one of the most beautiful and subtle highlights I have ever seen and I can't wait to wear this once summer is over (my sweat provides enough of a "highlight" on my face during the summer). It is so silky smooth and the actual product is just gorgeous to look at. This is going to look so pretty sitting on my dresser once I move into my apartment in August.

And last but not least: my freebie! I wasn't expecting a free product when I went to purchase the Glow Pearls so I was a little overwhelmed trying to decide what I wanted to get; I wasn't about to let a free product opportunity go to waste (especially when Physician's Formula retails for $11-$14!!)! So I decided to get a powder since I know that once I'm done with my current powder (the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder) I was wanting something different. My problem with the Rimmel powder is that it is translucent (I realize that it comes in actual skin colors but I'm not impressed enough with it to try one out) and I need a little more coverage than that, hence I wanted a powder that had color to it. I was not disappointed with this!! This product is exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, my shade. 
Check it out!:

Now you see it...

Now you don't!!!

Gorgeous. And just as silky and smooth as I know Physician's Formula products to be (I love their Happy Booster Blush). I am SO tempted to stop using my Rimmel powder and just switch right over to this... but I'm way too frugal to waste a product that I don't hate!! This will be a real treat when I finally get to use it.

And that's it people!!
Thank you SO MUCH if you made it this far (I know this is a doozy of a post, but I love looking at swatches before I buy a product so I thought this might be helpful).

Any other drugstore products that I should be looking out for?
What are your favorite drugstore finds?

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Do I spy the neutrogena wave amongst the goodies? Loved that product and used it for a long.


  2. Sweet Darling: Yes you do spot it!! I wish I loved it as much as you do though... I switched over to the Olay ProX since the Wave wasn't working well for me :(

  3. I was caught up in the same hype whirlwind as you when I got Maybellines Colour Tattoo in taupe. I mean I still really like it but, it wasn't the smoky grey I had thought it would be (not on me anyway). Pomegranate Punk is looking so hot right now though!

    The Vanilla and Ginger Lip balm tin is lovely. I too have fallen for packaging (+ quirky names, seemingly 'interesting' flavours/scents) even when I know the product is filled to the brim of petrochemicals, I just can't help myself (well I can but, I give in, ya know).

    I managed to avoid the baby lips craze but I'm still hearing some good things about it. I'm still sitting on the sidelines about it though, until its in my palm ... of course ;)

    Nice haul!! :)

    1. You really are going through the archives, haha!! So strange to see my earlier posts when I was getting the hang of this blogger thing...

      Anyways, thank you!! So glad you liked the haul; seems like we have very similar tastes and weaknesses :) I think I've mentioned the Baby Lips in one of my videos and they actually are pretty nice to just having in your purse and slap on in a situation when you want no hassle but a little sumthin'-sumthin' on your lips! They're definitely worth a shot in any case (though I can't imagine someone needing more than one of them) :D


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