Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tokidoki Airways Palette


I'm not sure how to do this post.
Quality is being overshadowed by cuteness and it should be the other way around.
But I digress.

The Tokidoki Airways Palette:

Lunchbox, eyeshadow palette, who cares!? It's freaking adorable!

And the inside doesn't disappoint either...
Take the jump below to see!

I included the shot with my hand to show how big the individual eyeshadow pans are. Looking at the photo online at Sephora did not prepare me for how good of a size these are; I thought for sure it was going to be a complete rip-off and each eyeshadow was going to be itty bitty. Nope! These suckers are huge!! And look at the adorable keychain the box comes with (I'd be lying if I said I bought this mainly for the eyeshadows rather than the keychain...):

Look how cute Donutella is!! She went on my car keys immediately.

So it's cute, great value for the money (this is still on sale from $42 down to $19!), comes with an extra cute collectable keychain... why am I so disappointed with the palette?

Well, this is where the swatches come in:

Hawaii (I promise, it's swatched in both photos of my hand) - a pale vanilla cream

London - a sparkling tan sand

Rome - a frosty/matte (confusing, I know, but see for yourself!) brown with purple undertones

New York - a sparkling emerald green

Hong Kong - a kelly spring green (shows up a sallow yellow on my skin, as seen in the hand swatch)

Tokyo - an iridescent pearly purple with blue undertones

Los Angeles (top swatch [above Tokyo]) in both photos- a frosty lilac (shows up pink on my skin) with shimmer

Paris (swatched above Los Angeles on hand) - a frosty light baby pink

Now do you see my chagrin? 
I was so excited too since when I first dabbed my finger in, as you can see, these looked like they were going to be VERY pigmented! However, once swatched on to my skin, they nearly disappear. The only thing I can think of is that my skin is just too dark (which seems silly since I'm not that deep in skin tone) for the colors to show up; these might work really well on pale skin! 

So that's that. 
I'm thinking I can use these as blending shadows since the color is there, even if only slightly. And they're full of glitter (the sparkly ones, anyways... seems redundant but I figured I'd clarify) so they'll be able to spruce up my less sparkly shadows if I'm feeling especially like a fairy princess that day.

What do you guys think?
Do you have the Tokidoki Airways Palette? Like it? Hate it?
Do tell!!

xoxo - Cassie

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