Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Dreaded First Post!!

This has had me biting my nails (figuratively) for such a long time now and has been what has really postponed my starting a blog... I just didn't know how to start things off! I'm sure many of you can relate...

So anyhoo, I figured I would start with a post about two of my loves: thrifted clothing and cats.

Can't you see the utter joy on my face when this little guy finally came over to me (aka when I pulled him out from under the bed... but that's besides the point)??

One of my best friends, Dana, from middle school (we bonded over Sailor Moon in Mr. Beer's history class [yes, we've been close (and geeky) for ten years now]), just rescued/adopted this little guy on Friday and I just HAD to go visit. I'm looking forward to adopting my own kitten at the end of August so this was kind of a pick-me-up until then.

I mean REALLY, lookit' that face!!

Dana named the cutie "Jem" which couldn't be more appropriate... he really is precious!!
Jump to see my OOTD :)

And here's what I wore yesterday; comfy casual (and cheap!) since we were just hanging out and I had to head to work afterwards. 

Sweater and Shorts - Goodwill
Black Buckle Sandals (Dolce Vita Brand) - Used, from Ebay

Above the Knuckle Rings (aka normal rings that were just two sizes too small) - Forever21
Finger Nail Polish - Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow (blog post to come!!)
Toe Nail Polish (can you even see it?) - Delia*s in Gold

Small Hoops - Claire's 
Skull Earring - Urban Outfitters
Diamond Earring - Inherited from Mom
Chain Cuff Earring - Etsy (from one of the sweetest sellers ever!)

Lipstick - Estee Lauder Double Wear #05 Stay Mauve

And that's about it you guys!! I hope my blog is something to be enjoyed and I plan on updating often (a few times a week?). I already have photos for the next couple of posts (reviews) and figure I'll probably put up a tutorial on how to do this hairstyle (since so many people always ask me and never believe me when I say it only takes a few minutes and a case of bed-head!).

Thanks for reading!


xoxo - Cassie (and Jem)

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