Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thrift Haul 6/5

I needed a fix today...
A cheap fix.

And while I put a dent in my credit card ($60... gahhhh when will the money tree of my dreams begin to grow in my backyard??) I am very happy with my finds from Goodwill!

You can watch me thrifting these items and styling them here!!

See the full haul after the jump :)

Floral Print Jean Shorts - $3.99
These shorts are high-waisted and have subtle pleats on the front so I'm going to hack off the legs so that they're a little less frumpy. How cute and perfect for summer is the pattern though?

Polkadot Sweater - $1.49
I know, I know, you're crying looking at a sweater in this heat. But for a buck and a half I just couldn't pass it up! The pattern is so cute and I can't wait to wear this when summer's over.

Lace Tanktop - $3.99
I have a really  hard time finding tanktops that are flattering on me. Either they're too boxy, too revealing, or my thick arms look more lumpy than luscious. So I was thrilled when I found this deep forest green (the sun really washed it out in the photos here) lacy tank! It is so flattering and will be great for this sweltering summer heat.

Exposed Button High-Waisted Jean Shorts - $5.99
I'll be honest, I was not pleased with the price of these shorts. Goodwill has been jacking up their prices lately! Frustrating, but I've been looking for exposed button shorts like these for a loong time so I buckled (see that? Punny). I think I might dye these since I have so many pairs of blue jean shorts already... I'm thinking black since my black shorts are a little tight on me and I don't want to go on a diet haha.

Linen Dress - $8.99
All I have to say is: D@MNIT!!!! Again, I am so frustrated with Goodwill's prices lately; nine bucks for a flouncy spaghetti strap dress? Way over priced but I just couldn't pass it up. It fits and flares on me so well and I have been really needing some clothes that will keep me cool but covered this summer (I am not a fan of extreme skin exposure... it causes cancer and bulges that make the muffin man come running).

Periwinkle trim & Orange Scarves - $1.49 and $0.99 (respectively)
Now that's more like it. I have been wanting some scarves to use as head wraps for quite some time now, especially when all I want in the summer is to tie my hair up but don't want it to lack pazazz. 

Lace Tablecloth - $4.99
Another item that I have been hunting down for many months!! For whatever reason, I really want to have a white lace tablecloth for my dining room table... and I finally found it! Others have either been too plain, too ugly, too etc. So how happy was I when I finally found this baby?? Happier than a guido fresh out of the tanning booth, that's how happy. Getting little things like this make me even more excited to move into my own place and start decorating!

Now, you're probably wondering: 
Cassie, I know you only got a C+ in calculus but that doesn't add up to $60...

I know. Ohhhhh do I know. As I type this post I am waiting for my friend's gracious father to drive his minivan to Goodwill one more time and help me pick up the $25 COUCH that I purchased!!
It is one of the comfiest couches I have ever had the pleasure of sinking my butt into and it has a lovely floral print on it. All it needs is a little Oxyclean (there's a stain that I would love the remove... but if not, it's nothing a blanket can't cover [#classy] hahaha) and some decorative pillows and this is going to look great in my apartment!! I needed extra seating since all I had for my living room was a love seat (perfect for me, but not for company).

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed my finds; I also made a video that brings you thrifting with me and also of me styling these items if you want to check that out.

Have you ever found a piece of cheap furniture that you just adore at Goodwill?
What are some of your essential pieces of clothing for summer?

xoxo - Cassie

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