Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stila Lip Glazes: Swatches and Review

One of my loveliest friends Carmen gifted me two Stila Lip Glazes for my birthday (along with a fantastic card and envelope that I am still planning on framing to preserve their glory... Pochahontas stickers and "whatever" stickers from our 90's childhood give a glimpse into the awesomeness that is Carmen's art). 
I've kind of become a lip gloss convert lately (I think it's because the shine of the gloss matches the gleam of sweat on my face so nicely in this summer heat) so I was really excited to try these out!!

Take the jump to read my full review and see the swatches!

The colors Carmen gifted me were Grapefruit and Vanilla; both are gorgeous nude shades that are effortless colors to pair with any outfit.
My mind was blown too. They smell SO GOOD!!! And they're tasteless which, for me, is an ultimate plus in Stila's favor.

The only thing I think I dislike about them is the actual applicator. I've never been much for glosses that come out of a brush because it tends to be a goopy mess and these Stila lip glazes are no exception.

See, they start off nicely enough as soft and pliable brushes, but after one use...

... the brush stays coated with the gloss and, because it's really hard to know how many twists is too much and not enough, I usually end up with a LOT of residual gloss on the brush (which I just use the next time, but it's just not the most lovely to look at in the packaging).

The brush is a bummer for one other reason:

The product is dispersed through the center of the brush only so, if you can see on my lips above, it ends up applied to your lips in streaky lines and takes a little while to get it all blended nicely.

Alas, enough of this ranting.
I actually really love these little guys!!
Ready for swatches? OF COURSE you are.

vanilla (in natural/normal lighting)

vanilla (in direct lighting)

grapefruit (in normal/natural lighting)

grapefruit (in direct lighting)

here they are side-by-side: (left) grapefruit & (right) vanilla

Aren't those gorgeous!?!?!?
They are super pigmented and the most perfect blend of color, sparkle, and gloss.
But how are they on the lips, you may ask?
Ohhhhh-ho-ho-ho-ho, let me show you:



Aren't those just the most luscious nude lip glosses you've ever seen????? I know I sure think so. And they feel great on the lips, too; just tacky enough so that you know they're still there and lookin' good.
And did I mention that THEY LAST THROUGH MEALS????
Yup. I kid you not.
These suckers lasted me through eating a hamburger and three hours after that. Now THAT's staying power.

I honestly can't rave about these enough so I'll stop myself here. Thank you Carmen for such lovely gifts!! I've been wearing them pretty much non-stop since you gave them to me.

Have you tried the Stila Lip Glazes?
What other colors should I be looking at for purchase?

xoxo - Cassie

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