Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shopping for sales, a cuddly kitten, and OOTD

This was actually all from last Friday (6/15) but I've been neglecting to blog lately...
I blame my job and heat induced laziness. I have been pumping out lots of youtube videos lately though, so check those out!!

Anyways, Macy*s had a two day sale last weekend so I *HAD* to go and get some cookware; I basically only have dishware for my apartment so this was the perfect opportunity to stock up on some kitchen essentials. 

My friend Dana (who I mentioned in my first blog post) wanted to come along so we headed to Macy*s when the doors opened at 8AM which made us feel like invaders... there was no one but employees there!! It really felt like we were breaking into the mall so we awkwardly scuttled into the kitchen department and figured out that others just weren't as excited about this sale as we were. 
Here's what I got:

Sorry for the quality... I took this on my cell phone so I could send it to my mom (who was out of town).

The potato peeler was the only thing that was not on sale (but I needed one and I was there and it was only $8 and it was eight in the morning and... well... you know how it is) but for these "four" items I only spent $80.
Ohhhhhhhhhh-ho-ho-ho yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.
The blender was $18, the five ceramic mixing bowls were $20, and the 12-piece set of cookware was only $30. SO GOOD I'M STILL SALIVATING OVER THE DEALS I GOT.

Check out my OOTD and more after the jump!

Moving on, here was my OOTD; very casual since I knew I would just be browsing the mall and then playing video games/watching Game of Thrones with Dane for the rest of the day.

Lightweight Jacket - Goodwill
Giorgio Armani (mens) Prescription Glasses - Pearle Vision
Lace Tee - Goodwill
Shorts - Goodwill
Belt - Goodwill
Necklaces - Gifts
Bow Ring - H&M
Purse - Goodwill
Shoes - Goodwill
Nails - china glaze, Electric Beat

A lot of the things I'm wearing I hauled in this youtube video. The shoes are being a b*tch to break in but day by day they are getting comfier and comfier. They are beautiful shoes and for the $1.49 that I spent on them it's really no big deal.

So overall I had a great day!! I love being able to spend time with Dana like we used to do in the good old days before college and will be mighty sad when the summer is over and school separates us once again. Sighhhhh I guess that's just life, huh?

Here's some cute and snuggly pictures of Jem to finish up. He's so energetic (and starting to explore new places through climbing and pouncing) and such a cuddle bug.

Again, sorry about the photo quality... I only had my cell camera on me.

Arm hug during nap time... d'awwwwwww.

Thanks for reading!!
xoxo - Cassie

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