Friday, June 22, 2012

Walmart Haul!!

Get ready for a VERY enthusiastic post because I am just dazzled with the things I got!!
Take the jump to see :)

I'll start with the most boring of my purchases, and that's this facewash:

I hope it lives up to what it claims!! The facewash I have right is just a "mehhhh" kind of a product so I needed something new for nighttime. I usually end up greasy when I wake up in the morning so I'm hoping the "long-last shine control" that it boasts actually lives up to my expectations! 
And the fact that I can use this as a mask as well? 
Oh you KNOW I'm all for the two-fers (two for ones). 

Moving on to the lovely lip products!!

These have me salivating just looking at them again. The Revlon Balm Stain was a total impulse buy since I've been loving the other two I have and the tube color was just too cute to not grab. But the Maybelline and two CoverGirl lipsticks were things that I'd been wanting for awhile now; I have a lot of nude lipsticks and also either really extreme lights and dark shades. So I've been thinking some jewel tones would be a nice addition to my (too large) collection.
And these don't disappoint!!! Look how gorgeous the swatches are:

Swatched in the same order as pictured above in the tubes
(L-R) Darling, Bit of Berry, Smitten, Fairytale

Darling is probably going to look extremely Nicky Minaj on me but I guess we'll just wait and see.

Next up: some nail products!!

I've seen this a bit in the beauty blogger world and I finally decided to try it since I always see people haul it, but never review it. 
First off, I have to mention the smell; it is DIVINE. It smells just like lemon squares all sweet and tangy. Yum. But does it do anything for cuticles? I think it does!! And this is coming from the girl who washes dishes barehanded for a living. Check it out!:


...and after!!

I know, it's probably a little hard to get past my narly nail polish, but come on, check out what really counts: my moistened cuticles!! I'm not sure yet if this is any different from a really moisturizing hand cream, but I guess we'll see with time. 
It's been a couple hours since I put this on while taking pictures and I must say that this thumb looks loads better than the rest of my fingers even still.

And now for some sparkle polish p0rn:

Sally Hansen "Razzle Dazzler" and Nicole by O.P.I. "RAINBOW IN THE S-KYLIE"

The Insta-dry is a replacement for the fail quick dry from Revlon that I hauled in my last ULTA post. My polish on my thumb in the cuticle cream photos above show how much a fail it was... those chips were from the first day of wear (and I wasn't even washing dishes). Hopefully this one fares a little (lot) better.
But these sparkle polishes... I had no intention of buying actual polishes aside from the Insta-dry but HOW COULD I PASS THESE BEAUTIES UP!?!? I couldn't, I just couldn't.
They look like they're going to be opaque glitter, too!!:

I can't wait to put one of these on Monday morning after the hours I put in dishwashing this weekend!

Moving on to the next beauty that caught my eye:

I've never heard of this stuff before but isn't it BEAUTIFUL!?!? Look at the lovely pastel swirls!:

GUHHHH I'm drooling again. I really hope this works; I already use a green corrector on my pimples so it'll be cool to see if this makes not only my pimples but rather my whole face in general look less flawed. I'll let you guys know!!

Speaking of facial flaws, I had to grab this while I was in the Burt's Bees section grabbing that cuticle cream:

I've started using the Neutrogena Wave Sonic on my face at night and, like I've heard from Clarisonic users, there is a bit of a "purge" faze where your skin goes berzerk from all of the crap buried in your pores being unclogged. My forehead and around my nose are a MESS so I'm hoping this can help combat the pimples (which of course are the deep painful ones rather than whiteheads that you can pop and forget about); it's all natural too!!

And now, the Pièce de résistance:

I have been looking for this brush for months!! The premise just sounds so cool, especially since I shower at night; I'm hoping this cuts down on the time I have to wait between showering and hitting the pillows (I don't blow dry my hair since it's damaged enough and I don't like my pillow getting soggy).

The normal brush bristles are laced with towel like bristles so that they can absorb water while you're detangling. They're also supposedly protected from collecting bacteria and growing mold and mildew (which I was worried about).

There's also a drip tray with vent at the bottom so that it can drain the water instead of waiting for it to evaporate out of the fibers. I'm so excited to try this tonight!!

And that's it!! Hopefully you enjoyed and got some ideas for goodies you can treat yourself to the next time you peruse Walmart (because you can NEVER leave Walmart with just what you came for).

xoxo - Cassie

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