Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Nail Tutorial!

I don't deserve to ever get my masters if I can't learn to remember to post my Youtube updates onto my blog on a timely basis ever.
My only excuse is that I have been more than preoccupied trying to get all of my crap together before I move, get appointments made and done with (changing doctors, banks, getting my cat, etc.), not to mention spending as much time as possible with the ones I love and am leaving back home (because Minnesota will ALWAYS be where my heart is)!!

Anywhew, here is the tutorial to go along with the nails I've been sporting for the past week... I'm sure you've seen little glimpses of them in OOTD posts if you're super observant ;)

Don't let the length of it scare you, I just babbled a lot haha. You can figure out how to do the nails by skipping around the video if you don't want to hear me ramble (I don't fully blame you only kindof).

Enjoy, and let me know if you try it out yourself! :)

xoxo - Cassie

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