Monday, October 15, 2012

NOTD: Burberry Inspired Plaid

I've got some fun nails for Fall 
to share with you all 
(I'm not really a poet) 

(though that was a haiku, hehe...) today that are inspired by none other than Burberry. I love pretty much anything Burberry, from their delicious perfumes to their luxurious makeup, but haven't ever purchased anything since I don't feel good enough to use their beautiful products... not to mention the fact that I can't afford anything they sell, but let's ignore that little detail, shall we?

Take the jump to see what I used to get this look!

I used a pretty wide variety of nail polish brands, but you can basically use whatever you want so long as the colors are similar to the famous Burberry plaid! The black polish/nail art pen is something I got off of ebay for suuuuper cheap (I think $1.50-2?) so I definitely suggest looking there if you want nail pens and other nail accessories :)
To get the look, all you have to do is be patient!! It's all about letting the different layers dry between coats; do your typical bottom layer of the tan polish, then add a strip of white near the top of the nail, add the red stripes, then finish things off with the thin black stripes! I used a thin craft paint brush to do the red stripes and the pen nib on my nail art pen to do the black.

And to prove you don't have to be perfect with these nails, just check out the photo below. Even though I let all of the polish dry, my top coat made the red and black stripes bleed :(

But it's okay, really! From far away, it's not something that others will detect :)

And for further imperfection, take a look at these 'blooper' photos that Galileo caused... cracks me up.

 "Oh hey meow, what'cha doin'?"

 "What, you didn't want them arranged like this? Stupid mommy, meow..."

 "Playyyyy with me meow... PLAYYYYY with me or I'll photo bomb the rest of your photos..."

Do you lust over Burberry products like I do?
What's your favorite designer brand that makes more than just beautiful clothes?
Are you embracing plaid this Fall?
Do share!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Your nails look amazing! I've never owned any thing from burberry, they are so expensive! This is a good way to have the brand :)


  2. These look cool! I've never bought a nail pen before but ill keep a good eye out for them. I haven't owned a Burburry product before, simply because in the UK they used to be cool, then they went down hill and now they are picking up again. I love the trench coats they have though...

    Lauren xxx

  3. These nails look so good! and I love that your little cat always appears in your posts! So cute! XX

  4. these nails look so awesome! ive never seen a design like is but its so cool and unique, cant wait to try it out! xx

  5. Perla: Thank you dear!! And yes, I thought this was the best alternative since I can't afford their products either hehe :)

    Lauren: Nail pens are the best if you like to do intricate nail designs!! And like said, you can get them for SUPER cheap either from ebay or Asian stores :) I would love to own one of their trenches too!! I would feel SOOOO fancy and fabulous :)

    Sophie: Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them!! And glad you like my kitty, too haha. He's such a ham for the camera... I just can't help but put his pictures up (#proudmomma)! :)

    Audrey: Thank you!

    Leah: Aw, thank you!! I'm glad I could give you some inspiration; you'll have to let me know if you ever try them out and if they worked for you :)

  6. Thats so creative! I love it! I wish I had the patience to do my nails like that! haha


  7. Love the nail art! I'd love it if we you could visit my blog too and perhaps we can follow each other?
    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  8. aww thank you for the sweet comment! :)
    I love the nails!! I'm so untalented at that.

  9. LOVE your burberry nails!!! SO cute! I just stumbled onto your blog so I am catching up on all of your posts--All of your videos are fabulous! I'm so excited to be your newest follower so I can stay up to date! I just started a blog and would be so happy if you stop by, check it out, and follow along if you like what you see :)
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  10. April: Thank you!! And yes, it takes a LOT of patience (especially with a needy kitty wanting you to play all the time) but it's so worth it in the end :)

    Nyt: Thank you :)

    Marsa: No problem, I meant it!! And I bet you'd be more talented than you expect; you should give nail art a shot someday and just have fun experimenting ;)

    Darby: You are SO SWEET. Geez, I can't stop smiling! Comments like yours are what keep me going online and let me know that my little hobby isn't such a waste to share with the world :)

  11. OMG WOW your nails look awesome x

  12. I love this! I always think of their scarves whenever I hear or see Burberry :p

  13. I never have the patience for nail art; I get impatient with a single coat! So I'm especially admiring and loving this design! Fantastic job and you have a seriously gorgeous kitty!

    With love from San Francisco, California,

  14. WOW! love those nails! so creative and artistic, very impressed! although i never would have expected anything less from you! :) and your cat is TOOO cute!

  15. Chance upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  16. So creative! I havent got steady enough hands to try that!

  17. Lucia: Thank you so much!! Glad you like :)

    Amaris: Thanks, yes, I love the Burberry print on their scarves as well!

    Sabrina: Aw wow thank you so much for you kind words!! And I'll definitely pass it on to my kitty that he's gorgeous by giving him a treat later hehe :)

    Lucy: Haha, thank you!!! You should give it a try as they're not as hard as they look, I promise! :)

    Michelle: Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed :)

    Ire: Thank you! Maybe you could have a very nice friend do it for you someday haha :)

  18. i hope we can follow each others blog :-)

  19. Great post, I love your blog so much <3
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne

  20. Amazing nail design, great job lovely! x

  21. pretty awesome for your cute nails!it's so tidy...<3<3


  22. Hi there! I love your blog, and now I'm following you. I'll be happier if you follow me back :)

  23. Sooo cute! Wish i had the patience to do this!

  24. You're so talented! Your nails are a work of art for sure. :)


  25. Charlene: As I saw in the header, I don't do "follow for follows", sorry. Feel free to follow on your own time though if you enjoy my blog enough :)

    Anne: Aw, thank you! Feel free to follow if you like my blog that much; no need to wait on me following you back!

    Spencer: Thank you so much!! Glad you like it :)

    Kelly: Thank you!!

    Sarah: Thanks :)

    Saphira-t: Haha thank you.

    World on high heels: Thanks!

    FashionsLetter: Aw, thank you SO MUCH!! I'm so glad you like my blog enough to follow, that's so sweet of you :)

    Analisa: Thank youuuuu! Maybe you can get a kind friend to do it for you hehe :)

    Ellen: Thank you!

    Kathy: D'aw, thank you dear!! You're so sweet >3<

  26. Great blog! I am impressed by your nails! Fantastic job! We should defiantly follow each other!


  27. Kristine: Thank you so much for the sweet words!! Feel free to follow me if you like my blog that much :)


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